X-Pac Talks About Austin Aries Leaving WWE, Bret Hart On Natalya’s Title Win At SummerSlam

– During a recent appearance on The Tomorrow Show, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman spoke out about Austin Aries’ departure from WWE:

“He’s [Austin Aries] great, I’m a huge fan of his. It just didn’t work out. There was a lot of, somebody didn’t feel it. It’s too bad because, their loss on that one…Here’s the thing with him, he’s one of these people that knows his value… Whatever they do to try and make– and when I say they, it doesn’t matter what company, it doesn’t work on him. He knows what he’s worth, and he wasn’t going to stay there and not be utilized properly…It wasn’t going to work. You don’t want a guy like that there.”

– Bret Hart commented on Natalya winning the SmackDown women’s title at SummerSlam with the following on Instagram:

“I want to congratulate my niece Nattie, better known as Natalya, on winning her second WWE Women’s Championship. In a truly great performance, she took the title in a epic match. Nice work Nat! You’ve made Calgary very proud and put the Hart name at the forefront of the wrestling world again. You are undoubtably the best there is, was, and ever will be. You’re living proof that hard work, patience, and raw talent can make the greatest dreams come true.”