Xavier Woods Talks About Planning For A Post-WWE Career

Xavier Woods posted the following statement on Twitter regarding his post-WWE career:

“I can’t speak on this topic for all professional wrestlers/sports entertainers but I know that in my situation I do not own the name “Xavier Woods.” This means that I cannot perform under that name once my career with WWE eventually comes to an end. At some point Xavier Woods will not be able to shake his hips as well, won’t be able to throw pancakes as far, won’t be able to get beat up by the giants that he works with and still be able to walk. At that time (dear God I hope it’s no time soon) I will have to walk away from Xavier Woods. I’ve seen many people before me finish their careers and then be at a loss for what to do in the next chapter in their lives. This thought has always terrified me and that is one of the main reasons that I hustled to get through school while still wrestling. I believe that this current generation of performers is doing their best to learn from the mistakes that those who came before us made and are making attempts at using the technology available to us to do so. I love video games so I created a youtube channel about them. I chose to use the nickname “Austin Creed” on the channel in order to begin building that brand. When the Xavier Woods chapter of my life is done I want to make sure that the next chapter of my life already had a few pages written. By building Austin Creed at the same time I’ve already, hopefully, set myself up to be able to work and pay my bills doing something that I absolutely love outside of wrestling that makes me happy.”