Zelina Vega Reaches Out To WWE Hall Of Famer For Queen Of The Ring Ideas

Zelina Vega joined Ryan Satin on the “Out of Character” podcast this week.

During it, she discussed getting ideas from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who is a past King of the Ring winner, about ideas for her now that she is the Queen of the Ring after winning the first-ever Queen’s Crown tournament.

“One of the things Booker and I were talking about is, ‘If you’re looking at wrestling, you’re looking at the wrong thing. You need to watch movies, moments, and real people because that’s where the real emotion comes from.” I didn’t want to do anything too similar to him because no one will ever be King Booker and Queen Sharmell. They’re untouchable in my eyes.

I remember talking to Vince about an accent and I don’t even think he knew that I can actually kind of do an accent. I’ve been trying to make it sound worse and worse every time I do it. It’s an added layer which makes it more fun. People keep tagging me saying, ‘That’s not how we do the accent, or that sounds a bit Australian all of a sudden.’ I’m like, ‘Yea, that’s the point. I want you to not like it. I’m the bad girl. You’re not supposed to like me.’