Zelina Vega Talks New Asuka Feud, Being Inspired By Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero, & More

Zelina Vega recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and said she’s out to prove that she’s more than just a manager in the new feud with RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. The 29 year old Thea Trinidad Budgen has long heard that she is too short and too small to be viewed as a serious threat in the ring, but now she’s out to prove otherwise. She commented on identifying with her character.

“That’s why I identify with Zelina,” she said. “She’s passionate, fiery and emotionally wounded. In the story, I’m going to show Andrade and Angel Garza why they’ve been taking me for granted. But I’m going to show people a lot more than that. I’m going to prove everyone wrong that doubted me, and I’m going to prove that I am more than just a manager.”

Vega said her ultimate goal in WWE is to become champion of the red brand, but it goes deeper than that as she is trying to change the narrative.

“My ultimate goal is to become the Raw women’s champion, but it’s deeper than that,” Vega said. “I need to prove I am more than people think I am. I’m more than just a manager, I’m more than just the brown girl. I’m not just a girl: I’m the girl. I’m trying to change the narrative. When you look at Zelina, you shouldn’t say, ‘She’s just this.’ You’re about to find out, she is all of this.”

Vega also revealed the WWE Superstar who makes her fearless – Rey Mysterio. Vega has always admired Rey’s work, and now her own career includes a few moments with the pro wrestling veteran. She recalled being at Madison Square Garden the day before her birthday this past December, when Andrade captured the WWE United States Title from Rey.

“One of the people backstage had a camera, and they were taking pictures of Rey,” Vega said. “After the match, I thanked Rey after the match and got all choked up, and then they started taking pictures of us. In this world of giants, Rey makes me fearless. Watching Halloween Havoc 1997, Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero, that was the match that made me believe I could do this. I watched with my dad, and Rey’s performance made me believe in myself.”