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Posted On February 12, 2014By George CushnieIn Columns

From Across The Pond: WWE & TNA Q&A

It’s that time again. Yup, thanks to my self-imposed hiatus from all things WWE and TNA, I wanted to write a column, but had no idea what to write about. That’s where you fine people came in! You supplied the questions and I’m set to fire through them with my answer gun. I got plenty of questions from Facebook and Twitter, as well as by e-mail. Some of them are serious, some of them are more sarcastic. You should be able to tell them apart, but be warned! This article’sRead More
Last time out, I wrote about the greatness of Daniel Bryan. Thanks to everyone who got in touch about it. This week, you can pretty much tell from the title of the article that I’m gonna be talking about TNA’s resident dude brrrotherrr jack, Hulk Hogan. And it ain’t gonna be complimentary. So if you’re a massive Hogan mark and think that the sun shines out of his ass, it’s probably best you don’t read this. Not a great plug I know, but it’s the truth. I’m sick and tiredRead More

Posted On September 29, 2013By David DavisIn Columns

Death of Wrestling: AJ’s Pipe Bomb

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. I um’d and ah’d for a while over whether I wanted to talk about the state of Smackdown or the state of TNA, but as I don’t think the problems with Smackdown will be sortedRead More

Posted On October 21, 2012By Michael GroomsIn News

TNA To Tape Impact Wrestling In England

Dixie Carter posted the following announcement on Twitter: “HUGE IMPACT NEWS: The Manchester and Wembley events in January will now BOTH be double TV tapings! Details coming!”Read More

Posted On September 9, 2012By Michael GroomsIn News

Opening Matches For TNA No Surrender Revealed

The opening matches announced for tonight’s No Surrender have been revealed by Dixie Carter took to Twitter earlier today. She tweeted, “The two semi-final BFG Series matches will open tonight’s #NoSurrender PPV!” The semifinal matches are Bully Ray vs James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe. The winners of those two matches will meet later in the evening to determine who will face Austin Aries at Bound for Glory next month.Read More
- One-half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Eric Young revealed on Twitter that he will be returning on this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling. He has been away filming his “Off the Hook” fishing show. Young wrote: “I’ll be on Impact this Thursday I have a lot to say so tune in” – Dixie Carter isn’t the only one who praised the TNA staff after Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Announcer Taz also had positive words: “Great job by all production, creative & talent last night on Impact! Teamwork atRead More

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Photo: TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Promotional Poster

TNA president Dixie Carter released the PPV poster for Bound for Glory in October. The poster features the joker version of Sting as the center feature, followed by BFG Series leaders James Storm and Kurt Angle. In the second row is TNA World Champion Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. The back row has fellow BFG Series competitors Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles, plus Chavo Guerrero.Read More
- Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling will open live with Dixie Carter naming a temporary replacement for Hulk Hogan as authority figure of the show. Also confirmed for tonight: * Chavo Guerrero’s TNA debut. Chavo will speak for the first time on TV since leaving WWE * James Storm vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Bully Ray in Bound For Glory Series matches * Mickie James and Tara vs. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim * X Division Champion Zema Ion will defend his title * Sam Shaw will get anotherRead More
In the first part of this two part interview we hear from Dixie Carter about many pressing matters in the world of TNA Wrestling including Austin Aries’ contract, Bound for Glory, the momentum of TNA and More.Read More
- As PWMania.com reported over the weekened, TNA Knockout Rosita, who hasn’t been on TV in several weeks, wrote on Twitter that she is still with the company and hoping to return soon. – Austin Aries, Mason Andrews and Zema Ion were some of the TNA terms trending on Twitter during Destination X. – New TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix became the new OVW Women’s Champion on Saturday night. She lost the title a month ago and previously held it for over 200 days. – Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter thatRead More

Posted On July 8, 2012By Owen PattersonIn News

Opening Match For TNA Destination X PPV Revealed

The last chance four-way match will open tonight’s Destination X Pay-Per-View. The winner of the X Division Title tournament “play-in” match will immediately face Kid Kash, according to TNA president Dixie Carter on Twitter.Read More
- Kenny King, who is one half of the ROH Tag Team Champions, appeared in an X-Division qualifying match on iMPACT!. Dixie Carter also confirmed the information on Twitter, adding that Flip Casanova, Lars Only and Dakota Darsow will also be competing in the tournament before the event. – TNA has announced on iMPACT! and via press release that Bound for Glory will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. The show will happen on October 14th, with tickets going on sale August 24th. The show will be held at Grand CanyonRead More
- TNA released the “un-edited” phone call between Dixie Carter and AJ Styles that shows they were planning a surprise birthday party for Dixie’s husband, not having an affair. The full conversation is proves that Daniels played edited footage on Impact last month. Here’s the full call: – Following Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling, here is the updated standings for TNA’s Bound For Glory Series: 1. James Storm – 36 points 2. Samoa Joe – 27 points 3. Kurt Angle – 10 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 9 points 5. JeffRead More

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Bobby Roode Talks About TNA, Social Networking Hatred & More

TNA World Champion Bobby Roode spoke with The Baltimore Sun about his reign as champion, his hatred of social networking and more. Here are highlights of the interview. On the responsibility of being champion: “There’s a lot of other responsibilities you know, other than going out and performing every night on television or pay-per-view. It’s the travel. I mean, literally, I’ve been doing media appearances off and on for the last seven months, travelling overseas, promoting our upcoming tour in January. I got an opportunity to go to L.A. andRead More
- We noted before that Chris Masters lost to Robbie E in a dark match before the June 7th Impact tapings. Masters worked TNA’s Ring Ka King events in India and Jeff Jarrett was very high on him. However, Jarrett has no decision making power right now when it comes to talent. – Some people in TNA believe that Scott Steiner’s Twitter rants are being done because he’s trying to get Jeff Jarrett, who he’s tight with, back into power. – Word is that the current storyline with Dixie CarterRead More

Posted On June 13, 2012By Owen PattersonIn News

Backstage News On Christian Appearing At TNA Slammiversary

As noted before, Christian’s appearance at TNA Slammiversary was indeed part of WWE and TNA’s deal put together a few months back that allowed Ric Flair to appear at the Hall of Fame. WWE very carefully controlled what Christian was and was not allowed to say at the pay-per-view. Christian got along well with everyone there but did not want to be there. He told people it was surreal to be there and he expected no heat from within WWE. When WWE and TNA were putting the deal together, ChristianRead More

Posted On June 10, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Confirmed: WWE Star Christian Arrives At TNA Slammiversary

PWMania.com can confirm that WWE Intercontinental champion Christian has arrived at College Park Center on the campus of the University of Texas – the site of tonight’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted, “Fun to have @Christian4Peeps in the house & on Slammiversary PPV 2night. Great to see you!” Dixie Carter’s tweet Christian being “on PPV” is a strong indication that he’ll be appearing on-camera tonight and is not just at the event to film an interview to be used on a future TNA DVD release.Read More

Posted On June 8, 2012By PWMania.com StaffIn News

Latest On Christian’s Status With WWE & TNA; The Deal & More

WWE Intercontinental champion Christian has been removed from this weekend’s SmackDown house shows on the East Coast. As previously reported, TNA president Dixie Carter announced Christian is scheduled to appear at TNA’s Slammiversary PPV Sunday in the Dallas, Texas. The Wrestling Observer reports this is part of the deal in exchange for Ric Flair appearing at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in April. The current plan is for him to be at the event and also take part in a sitdown interview for future TNA DVD releases.Read More
– Joey Ryan was not backstage last night, but based on TNA airing a brief interview with him on Impact, there’s a strong possibility we have not seen the last of him in TNA. — The TNA Today online video show is being brought back and will return on Tuesday. The show will be hosted by Jeremy Borash and the plan is for some of the episodes to be live. — TNA will hold a live event in Akron, Ohio on July 29th. The show will take place at theRead More