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Posted On December 11, 2013By George CushnieIn Columns

FATP: TN-AJ Styles

So, here’s the internet’s latest rumour (and I stress the word rumour) about AJ Styles’ current status with TNA – as of this moment, he’s taped a promo saying that he’ll be leaving TNA for good (which will air sometime in January 2014) and he’s done with the company. It’s just another example of TNA doing something that renders me speechless. Assuming that this rumour (there’s that word again!) is true, then it just baffles me that TNA have been unable to come to terms with AJ. Surely he can’tRead More

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FATP: 5 Stars That TNA Should Build The Next Year Around

It’s time for the latest edition of FATP right here on PWMania.com! Cheap pops aside, welcome along for the ride! Thanks for the feedback on last week’s column about CM Punk, whether it was by email or through Twitter. It’s appreciated. Right then, I promised last week that I’d write a TNA-themed article this week, so let’s get started. Over the last year, TNA has continued to get better and better. For the most part, they’ve sorted out their creative issues, their TV product is getting better and better, theirRead More

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FATP: Who’s dealing the Dead Man’s hand?

Another week’s flown by which means that it’s time for yours truly to bring you another edition of “From Across the Pond”. Incase you’ve missed it, TNA have been live throughout the summer and apart from Austin Aries winning the title, the whole Aces & 8’s storyline has been one of the most intriguing things about Impact Wrestling. They’ve done a lot of things right over the summer and apart from one storyline (Hey crack-whore Claire/Olive Oyl, how ya doin?), TNA’s been on a roll. The best thing about theRead More
Following Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, here is the updated Bound for Glory Series leaderboard heading into the final two matches for next week on Impact. Current BFG Series Standings Wrestler – Points [BFGS Record] … # of Matches (includes kick-off Battle Royal & Hardcore Justice) (1) James Storm – 73 points [10-3-2] … 13 matches (DONE) (2) Samoa Joe – 68 points [8-4-0] … 12 matches (3t) Rob Van Dam – 55 points [6-6-0] … 12 matches (3t) Bully Ray – 55 points [6-6-0] … 12 matches (5) A.J.Read More
Thursday’s Impact Wrestling saw Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy each earned 7 points in the ongoing Bound For Glory series for winning their matches. Samoa Joe regained the #2 spot in the rankings, trailing James Storm by just 5 points. Here are the updated standings: 1. James Storm – 66 points 2. Samoa Joe – 61 points 3. Rob Van Dam – 55 points 4. Kurt Angle – 48 points 5. Bully Ray – 48 points 6. AJ Styles – 43 points 7. Jeff Hardy – 42 pointsRead More

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Thunder’s Weekly Rundown 08/11/12

Welcome to the rundown! This week we are once again lacking in FCW, but I’ll have complete show coverage as soon as it gets uploaded to the internet. Let’s get to the shows! WWE Raw 1002 Final Thoughts: Of the three episodes of Raw that have consisted of three hours, this one was absolutely the best. We were given nine awesome matches and a handful of backstage segments that really brought together an impressive show. NXT 08/08/12 Michael McGillicutty defeats Justin Gabriel in a gold rush tournament match. Kassius OhnoRead More
- Here is the updated TNA Bound For Glory Series standings following Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling: 1. James Storm – 66 points 2. Samoa Joe – 54 points 3. Kurt Angle – 48 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 40 points 5. Jeff Hardy – 35 points 5. Rob Van Dam – 35 points 6. Daniels – 33 points 7. Bully Ray – 28 points 8. Magnus – 21 points 9. AJ Styles – 16 points 10. The Pope – 7 points 11. Robbie E. – 5 pointsRead More
Here are the updated standings for TNA’s Bound For Glory Series: 1. James Storm: 52 points (4-1-2) 2. Samoa Joe: 47 points (5-2) 3. Kurt Angle: 41 points (5-3) 4. Ken Anderson: 40 points (5-4-1) 5. Jeff Hardy: 28 points (4-3) 5. Rob Van Dam: 28 points (4-2) 7. Christopher Daniels: 26 points (4-3) 8. Magnus: 21 points (3-5) 8. Bully Ray: 21 points (3-3) 10. AJ Styles: 16 points (2-2-1) 11. The Pope: 7 points (1-4) 12. Robbie E: 7 points (1-9) Thursday’s Impact Wrestling will feature the followingRead More
- Following Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, here’s the updated standings for TNA’s Bound For Glory Series: 1. James Storm – 52 points 2. Samoa Joe – 47 points 3. Kurt Angle – 41 points 4. Mr. Anderson – 40 points 5. Jeff Hardy – 28 points 5. Rob Van Dam – 28 points 6. Daniels – 26 points 7. Bully Ray – 21 points 7. Magnus – 21 points 8. AJ Styles – 16 points 9. The Pope – 7 points 10. Robbie E – 5 pointsRead More

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – August 2, 2012

The tenth live Impact of TNA’s summer series opened with an immediate shot of the backstage area, where Bobby Roode confronted Austin Aries and Kenny King. Roode and Aries began fighting, then Spike TV rolled credits for the previous show and TNA went back to the fight, which spilled into the Impact Zone. Zema Ion was also involved in the fight. The four-man brawl continued ringside for a few minutes before finally entering the ring to officially start the tag match. 1 — TNA World Hvt. champion AUSTIN ARIES &Read More

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Thunder’s Weekly Rundown 07/28/12

After taking a short vacation, I’m back with this week’s rundown. Raw 1000 was a big success and the overall week of wrestling was pretty enjoyable, so let’s take a look at it! Since FCW has not yet been posted for this week, here is coverage from the past two shows that I didn’t recap. FCW 07/12/12 Richie Steamboat defeats Antonio Cesaro in sudden death during an FCW 15 Championship match. Benicio Salazar is defeated by Bray Wyatt in a squash match. Raquel Diaz cuts a promo putting herself over.Read More
TNA issued the following preview for next week’s edition of Impact Wrestling: Don’t miss TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night LIVE at 8/7c on SpikeTV! If you can’t watch Thursday, don’t forget to set your DVR to record it! It’s two hours of Total Nonstop Action featuring your favorite wrestling superstars – including “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, “The Icon” Sting, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, “Cowboy” James Storm, the lovely and lethal Knockouts, theRead More

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Update On The TNA Bound For Glory Series, Gutcheck Latest

- Independent women’s wrestlers LuFisto and Courtney Rush took part in a Gutcheck segment at this weekend’s TNA live event in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. No word yet if either of them will be brought to Impact for a live Gutcheck. – TNA’s Bound For Glory Series continued at Sunday night’s live event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. James Storm and Mr. Anderson wrestled to a time limit draw and earned 2 Points each. Here are the updated standings after this weekend: * James Storm – 36 Points * Samoa Joe –Read More

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Updated Standings For TNA Bound For Glory Series & More

- TNA will hold the following Bound For Glory Series matches at TNA live events this weekend: * James Storm vs. Robbie E, Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson in Buffalo, NY * Kurt Angle vs. Daniels, Robbie E vs. Samoa Joe in Oshawa, Ontario * Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm in Hamilton, Ontario James Storm leads the BFG Series coming out of last night’s Impact. Here are the updated listings: 1. James Storm 2. Kurt Angle 3. (tied) Mr. Anderson 3. (tied) Magnus 3. (tied) Jeff Hardy 3. (tied) TheRead More

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The Two Sheds Review: TNA Slammiversary

It was ten years ago when the wrestling world was set alight as three greats went up against a trio of Elvis impersonators. Well, perhaps it wasn’t, but it was still ten years ago when Total Non-Stop Action presented their very first show. That was then, and this is now as we take a look at their latest pay-per-view offering, Slammiversary, shown this past Wednesday night on Challenge here in Britain. After an opening statement from Hulk Hogan it was on to the first title match of the evening asRead More
Only four days removed from the electric TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view, Impact Wrestling once again provided a strong show filled with title matches, the start of the Bound for Glory series, and build towards Destination X and next week’s Open Fight Night. Here, I will analyze each significant segment presented on the show. I will also provide a combination of aftermath and wishful thinking about what we hope to see in coming weeks.   X-Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Zema Ion in an Ultimate X Match Fun match from Aries, Sabin, andRead More

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TNA Slammiversary PPV Results – June 10, 2012

- TNA’s 2012 Slammiversary pay-per-view opens up with a video package looking back at some of the biggest moments in TNA history from the past 10 years and a look at the future. – We’re live from the University of Texas in Arlington as Mike Tenay welcomes us to TNA’s 10 year anniversary. – We go right to the ring and out comes Hulk Hogan to open the show. Hogan comes out to a pretty big pop from the packed crowd. Hogan welcomes us to Slammiversary and says this isRead More

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News & *Spoilers* For Tonight’s TNA Slammiversary PPV

- TNA could go either way with the Sting vs. Bobby Roode winner although most expect Roode to retain. If Sting wins the title, it’s likely short-term as TNA has plans for James Storm to return and hold the title later this year. – James Storm tweeted today that he has made a decision. Obviously, he’ll be returning to TNA shortly to further the current storyline angle. – As of last word, Jeff Hardy was expected to win the three-way featuring him, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. That wouldRead More

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Photo Of Steve Austin Out Drinking With James Storm

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in Nashville, Tennessee, hanging out at the Legends Corner bar with none other than TNA star James Storm. Austin and Storm sharing a few cold ones:Read More