Posted On May 16, 2013By Siddharth GroverIn Columns, PPV

WWE: Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions

No introduction, no waiting, just straightforward predictions! -Siddharth Grover Miz vs Cody Rhodes The pre-show of the evening, the Miz will face Cody Rhodes. Surprisingly, the WWE is burying these superstars by not giving them an actual storyline, and while the Miz can go and film movies, Rhodes will be stuck losing to upper mid card stars like Randy Orton and Sheamus. Therefore, my prediction is that Cody Rhodes wins this bout, so that the Miz can go and film movies and Rhodes can have a legit push, or, knowingRead More

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Cena Talks More About Airplane Incident, Takes Shot At Miz

The following are some new tweets from the official Twitter page of WWE Superstar John Cena: A Cena fan wrote this one: “csheehan2 @JohnCena they didn’t want you taking up two seats? Why should it matter if you paid for them?” Cena replied to that fan tweet with this one: “Interesting business model….get what u pay for. Hmmmmm. That seems way 2 “forward thinking” for SouthWest.” Then there was this one: “Shun no biggie. Im over it. So happy bout WrestleMania! Ill use my frustrations to kick liz’s teeth out.Read More