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Jim Ross Talks About Working WWE Commentary With Vince McMahon

The latest WWE Classics column from Jim Ross on features JR talking about his time working commentary with Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. Here’s part of what Ross wrote: “Much like Bill Watts, the owner of Mid-South Wrestling and UWF who I broadcasted with a generation earlier, Vince knew exactly what he wanted to see and hear on the broadcasts that he created and produced. I cannot think of any occasion where I was ever better prepared for a broadcast than when working with McMahon. Traveling with the headRead More
Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Here are some highlights. On former NFL talent signed to WWE: A couple of the new, former NFL linemen that WWE has signed to begin training have lost well over 100, perhaps closer to 200 combined pounds to get in better condition and to be able to present themselves better on TV. WWE Tryout Camp: WWE will conduct a closed, invitation only try out camp next Monday-Wednesday in the Los Angeles area that I’m anxious to attend. TheRead More
- WWE has signed at least two former NFL players recently and both are currently in WWE developmental. Dean Muhtadi is a former Green Bay Packer and Arizona Cardinal while Brandon Carter is a former New Orleans Saint. – TNA star Kurt Angle has been rumored online to appear in the new WWE ’13 video game that comes out later this year. The claims began after Angle mentioned it on Twitter but then backed off the claims. Angle was not one of the wrestlers who had their moves and mannerismsRead More

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Video: Road Warrior Animal Talks About Refusing To Job & More

Arda Ocal of The Score recently interviewed Joe “Road Warrior Animal” Laurinaitis. Here are a few highlights and the video from the interview. On how the Road Warriors gained the reputation as a tag team that “refused” to do jobs in the 80s: “I think the whole thing [not jobbing] is kinda blown out of proportion. If you look back on our career, we lost to Ronny Garvin – the belts to them in Georgia, that was in year one. In the AWA, we lost against Greg and JimRead More

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Road Warrior Animal Wants The Return Of Zubaz Pants; Speaks Out

- Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) said he would like to see the return of Zubaz pants, which a lot of wrestlers wore in the 80s, in an interview with City Pages. During the height of his career he invested in the pants and thinks he could help out business. Animal said: “I think that if I painted up and wore Zubaz that it would help sales – or even if it was a different WWE star. If the opportunity arose for me to help out, it would be great.”Read More
- There is still no official word on Kharma’s WWE status. She remains on the WWE website roster page but is listed on WWE’s Alumni list on Twitter. It’s interesting to note that before Thursday, she was never listed in any of WWE’s official Twitter feeds. has uploaded photos of Kharma’s wrestling style wedding ring and of her husband which you can check out by clicking here or visiting our backstage specials. – The Bella Twins will be doing work with MTV’s Ridiculousness and the NFL Network in theRead More

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Eugune Talks WWE Wellness Policy, Return To TV, Sammartino

Former WWE star and current OVW trainer Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore was recently interview by Dinsmore discussed his character, his possible return to television, the drug wellness policy and his push to be the next Raw GM. Here are some highlights: On possible return to television: “My legal team advises me that I can neither confirm nor deny that I am in talks with TNA and WWE at this time so take that for what it is. I can neither confirm nor deny the internet rumors that are running rampantRead More

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Heath Slater Talks About Wrestling Vader On RAW, His Future, More

WWE wrestler Heath Slater joined Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on this week’s “4th & Pain” — the only pro wrestling show hosted by an NFL player. Here are some highlights. On what it was like to face Vader: I guess it was bittersweet, you could say. Growing up watching him I was scared to death and I had to get in the ring with him. I’ve been trained and everything and it’s like the only thing I’ve ever remember him by is destroying people, asRead More
- Mick Foley wrote the following about being involved with the new WWE ’13 video game: “Fired up to be part of @WWE 13. I re-create some of my best known moments from the Attitude era. Cool stuff to be part of.” Foley also revealed the first book signing for his new children’s book with WWE that comes out later this year. Foley will be signing copies of “A Most Miz-erable Christmas” on December 1st in Jefferson, New Hampshire at Santa’s Village. – NFL player Adam Carriker, who hosts aRead More

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The Reason For The TNA Impact Wrestling Time Change

SpikeTV President Kevin Kay spoke at this week’s conference call about the decision to move Impact Wrestling up to 8PM ET. He said the reason was because there is a bigger available audience at 8PM ET vs. 9PM ET. He also added that TNA wants to avoid competing with the NFL once the season starts. He did not say if Bellator will begin airing after Impact Wrestling on Thursdays next year once Bellator moves to SpikeTV.Read More

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NFL Star Found Dead; Played Golf With Goldberg Yesterday

Bill Goldberg wrote on Twitter that he played in a charity golf tournament yesterday with former NFL linebacker Junior Seau who was found dead today. The following is from Goldberg’s official Twitter: “Sad day….Played in a Charity Golf tournament yesterday with Junior and now he’s gone. RIP my friend. Please say a prayer for him.” “Junior Seau…..RIP”Read More

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Vince Asked On WWE Network Launch, WrestleMania 29 & More

- As noted before, WWE held the annual shareholder’s meeting on Friday morning at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Here are some more highlights: * A shareholder asked if it was time to drop the price of pay-per-views due to a drop in buyrates and Vince said no. Another shareholder asked about WWE offering all pay-per-view events as a package like other sports. Vince said it was a possibility but they have to see whether or not the PPV’s will be includes as a part of the WWE Network andRead More
- Universal Championship Wrestling promotion from Atlanta, Georgia has released a new update on the condition of Buff Bagwell showing improvement Thursday. UCW posted the following, “Buff Bagwell improving slowly! Now off the breathing tube. Surgery is coming for Face, Jaw and Neck.” The promotion added, “UCW doing benefit show,4 Buff! Wife Judy will get proceeds. Looking for wrestlers to help their friend & the event in any capacity” – During Thursday’s NFL draft, the New York City fans gave NFL commissioner Roger Goodell the Steve Austin “What?” treatment.Read More

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WCW Star Having Surgery, John Cena & Eve Torres’ Klout, More

- We noted last week that former WCW star Scotty Riggs was hospitalized for stomach ulcers. Riggs wrote this weekend that after tests, a mass was found in his gallbladder that was 90% non-cancerous. He is having surgery this week to have it removed. Riggs is also apparently recovering from a case of pneumonia. – John Cena is currently the #2 athlete with the most social influence or “Klout” online. He is right behind NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Cena has over 1 million Twitter followers and over 11 million FacebookRead More

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NFL Writer Compares Cena & Tebow, WWE Stock, Divas Matches

- There is an article on that looks at the similarities between John Cena and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. The piece compares the two superstars in several different categories, with the final tally being a draw at 9-9. – has posted a bunch of old matches on their YouTube channel, including over a dozen Diva’s matches. – The Miami Herald has an article about one of the finalists of the 2012 WrestleMania Reading Challenge. – The Motley Fool has an article about WWE, noting that the company needsRead More

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HHH Speaks On WWE’s Twitter Obsession & Working With Vince

Triple H was interviewed by The Morning Buzz over the weekend and spoke about WWE’s recent obsession with Twitter, working closely with Vince McMahon at WWE headquarters and his appearance this summer on Shawn Michaels’ hunting show. Regarding WWE’s working relationship with Twitter, Triple H said, “You have to be at the cutting edge of that technology at all time. Kids today, they don’t watch TV like they did before. TV is almost a background device now. They’re on their phone, on their laptop, on their ipod… so that socialRead More

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RAW SuperShow Rating, Stiff NFL Competition Next Week

- The ratings are in for Monday’s Labor Day episode of WWE RAW, and it doesn’t appear that WWE’s SuperShow experiment is off to a great start. Monday’s RAW Supershow drew a 3.0 cable rating with 4.2 million viewers. The hourly ratings were 3.06 and 2.94 – not a trend WWE or USA likes to see. – Next week, RAW faces stiff competition from an NFL double header, as Monday Night Football will feature two football games. – The September 3rd episode of WWE’s AM RAW scored a 0.35 cableRead More

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Nash’s Future, WM27 Special Rating, Yahoo Ranks Top 5 Divas

- Yahoo! Sports has ranked the top 5 WWE divas of all time: 5. Sable 4. Chyna 3. Sunny 2. Lita 1. Trish Stratus – Saturday night’s WWE WrestleMania 27 special on NBC scored a 1.1 network rating in the 18-49 demographic on Saturday and averaged 3.64 million viewers. While this rating seems low, it’s actually not bad for what NBC usually draws on a Saturday night. The show was preempted in several markets due to NFL preseason football, which obviously affects the final number. For more ratings information onRead More

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Colt Cabana Works Dark Match, Next Week’s WWE Raw, More

- Next Monday’s WWE RAW will go up against some major competition – the return of Monday Night Football on ESPN. Usually RAW isn’t hurt by pre-season games but with the NFL lockout and everything else going on this year, interest may be up. – As noted last month, the complete 60 minute match, without commercials, between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar from 2003 on SmackDown is on WWE’s new Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD set. Several spots that never made it to TV, including Lesnar throwing aRead More