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- Clearing up CM Punk’s Twitter posts where he responded to reports of blading on RAW, reports that he was not fined any amount of money, especially a huge amount like $500,000, and there was no fine issued to referee Charles Robinson. Punk’s posts were tongue-in-cheek and word is that WWE officials believe the cut on his head was from hitting the cage. – Natalya did a fan Q&A on Twitter last night and noted that Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) is the NXT Diva that she is mostRead More
Yesterday we posted Roddy Piper’s positive reaction to being ranked as the #1 villain in pro wrestling history by a new list on WWE’s website. One Superstar who isn’t thrilled with the listing is William Regal. He wrote on Twitter: “I’m usually immune to such things but I feel completely kicked in the teeth by whoever wrote that list that I’m not even on it. Perhaps I need to show @WWE what being a Villain truly means.” Here’s the full listing of the top 50 villains in wrestling history: 1.Read More
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper and WWE Diva Kaitlyn responded to reports of an apparent incident backstage at Monday’s 1000th Raw. Reports suggested a source claimed the wrestling legend made some suggestive remarks toward Kaitlyn that made her uncomfortable which both Piper and Kaitlyn publicly denied. Roddy Piper posted the following on Twitter Tuesday: “(1) EVERYBODY OUT OF THE FU*KEN POOL NOW! Just walked in the ranch.Been gone 4-wks.. I come to hug my kids!.1st thing I hear is @KaitlynnWWE (2) I let most lies about me go unchallenged. NOT THIS TIME!Read More

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List Of Several Stars Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE RAW 1000

WWE has reached out to a ton of former talents over the past few months and a source joked that they are flying in anyone who still has a phone. While some of the former stars will have a purpose on tonight’s RAW 1000 episode, expect a lot of overkill with some of them. reports that the following names are confirmed for tonight’s show. Besides these names, expect some others to appear: Shawn Michaels, JBL, Psycho Sid, Diamond Dallas Page, Vader, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, The Rock, Bret Hart,Read More
- The New York Post features an article on the third annual “Sirius XM Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft,” which took place Thursday morning. The Miz was at the draft for the second year in a row, and spoke about his appearance. “Obviously, I work for a living, I’m a WWE Superstar for a living, but winning this gave a bunch of Make-a-Wish participants happy because I donated the money I won last year to that charity,” he said. – WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on “The Bower Show” on 97.9Read More
Former WCW, WWE and TNA Superstar, Goldust aka Black Reign aka Dustin Rhodes joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 20 minute interview, he talked about the creation of the Goldust character, his father’s wrestling and how that effected his career decision, his use of ring psychology, his time tag teaming with Booker T, his teaming with Ricky Steamboat and what he learned from it, his hopes for a heavyweight championship run, what he wants to do before he retires and a host of other topics. Would heRead More

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Another Legend Contacted For 1000th RAW, Roddy Piper, Jericho

- Roddy Piper stated on his Twitter account Tuesday that he hasn’t been contacted to appear on the 1000th episode of RAW. – Former WWE superstar Tatanka revealed that he was contacted in early June to appear on the 1000th episode of RAW. He is waiting to receive a final call. – Fozzy’s next album, “Sin And Bones,” will be released on August 14th. The lead single from the album, “Sandpaper,” will premiere this Thursday on and July 17th on iTunes.Read More
- WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper will be launching his “Rod Pod” podcast soon. Piper promises that it will be no holds barred, anything goes. – Another WWE Legend is scheduled to return to RAW next week for the ongoing storyline with Heath Slater. Word is that there will be a big payoff to the angle here soon, likely on the 1,000th RAW episode. (Partial source: More

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WWE RAW Rating Breakdown 6/18; Lauper, HHH-Heyman & More

The June 18th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 3.40 cable rating with 4.97 million viewers. This is the best rating RAW has done since the day after WrestleMania 27. In the segment breakdown, CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane lost 241,000 viewers from the opener that started strong. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger lost 22,000 more viewers. The segment with Paul Heyman and Triple H gained 559,000 more viewers for a show-high 3.74 quarter rating. Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio lost 711,000 viewers. The segment withRead More

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New WWE Pre-Sale Code, Roddy Piper, Tommy Dreamer Update

- A new pre-sale code for the October 22nd RAW taping at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ has been released. The code is LINES. The sale has already started. – Alien Opponent, which stars Roddy Piper as an alien hunting priest, is now available on Netflix streaming OnDemand. – The FOX affiliate in Connecticut features a story on a new science fiction film Tommy Dreamer is featured in, which you can check out The film is titled “Sensory Perception” and they are aiming to have the filmRead More

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CM Punk Shares Funny Story, Talks Sexting, Vince McMahon & More

WWE Champion CM Punk was interviewed on The Bower Show on 97.9 ESPN radio on Monday. Here are the highlights: Punk on Roddy Piper: “He was a really good villain. He made me want to do what I do now.” Punk on whether a bad personal experience with alcohol or drugs led to him being Straight Edge: “I was born this way. For me it’s not a lifestyle. I think going out and partying and going out and getting drunk every night, that’s a lifestyle. That’s insane. This is whoRead More

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Bret Hart Says HBK Stole Ladder Match Idea, Going Over Warrior

Arda Ocal of theScore Television Network once again sat down with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Here are some highlights: On Wrestlemania 8 with Roddy Piper and his chance with the Intercontinental Title: “When I realized I was going to wrestle Roddy Piper, my gut instinct told me that Piper was going to keep the title for a while, and I would sort of be back up to him. It didn’t work out like that, and I’m glad it didn’t because I kind of had my heartRead More

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CM Punk & Roddy Piper Slams WWE Top 25 Talkers List – Details

CM Punk and Roddy Piper both commented on Piper being left off the top spot of WWE’s “Top 25 Masters of the Mic” list on Piper posted: I don’t know if this is true. Told the WWE put out a book of greatest mic men. Told I was not no.1. Lost the last piece of respect & cred. LOL..Before this petty who is best goes to far, cause I love them all. Imagine if the WWE would let Rock, Austin,Piper, Cena do a Pit! Magic. Simple. All there interviewsRead More

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WWE Ranks Their Top 25 Talkers Of All-Time – Full Listing

WWE has ranked the top 25 all-time “Masters of the Mic” on their website. Here’s the full listing: 1. Steve Austin 2. Roddy Piper 3. The Rock 4. Ric Flair 5. Chris Jericho 6. Jake Roberts 7. John Cena 8. Dusty Rhodes 9. Bobby Heenan 10. JBL 11. Randy Savage 12. CM Punk 13. Hulk Hogan 14. Mick Foley 15. Billy Graham 16. Vince McMahon 17. Edge 18. Paul Heyman 19. Triple H 20. Jesse Ventura 21. The Miz 22. Ted DiBiase Sr. 23. Santino Marella 24. Rick Rude 25.Read More

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Several WWE Superstars & Divas React To WWE Over The Limit

The following are tweets from wrestlers, divas, legends and other wrestling personalities reacting to WWE Over The Limit: Christian: “Felt great to get back.. I dedicate my win tonight to my all time favorite IC champ #MachoMan #OohYeah #OverTheLimit” Chris Jericho: “Amazing Fatal FourWay match and crowd tonight in Raleigh! That’s what this biz is all about kids… #overthelimit” Layla: “Yaaayy!! Still Divas Champ!! #overthelimit Muaaahhzzzzz” Joey Styles: “I’m a big fan of @TheBethPhoenix’s new gear. She’s in the best shape of her career. “Pin-Up Strong” should make a comeback.Read More

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The Rock Honored, Former WWE Diva At Raw, Stacy Keibler, Piper

- The Rock was honored last night by Cinemacon and named the Action Star of the Year. He wrote on Twitter this morning: “ACTION STAR OF THE DECADE – Thank you Cinemacon & Hollywood industry for the huge honor last night. #KickinAssWithASmile” – Former WWE Diva Brandi “Eden Stiles” Reed was backstage with her family at last night’s RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan. Her boyfriend is Cody Rhodes. Reed’s family is from Detroit so she flew up to spend time with them and Cody. – Former WWE Diva Stacy KeiblerRead More

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Justin Gabriel Update, WWE’s French Commentator Resigns, Foley

- Injured WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel has returned to home to South Africa to deal with passport issues. Gabriel was injured in the WrestleMania 28 dark match but is looking at returning in mid-May. – Christophe Agius, who worked for AB Productions in France doing commentary for WWE programming, resigned from the company after WWE’s live event in Toulouse, France this past Thursday. Agius also worked to arrange WWE Superstar interviews in France and was well-known at WWE headquarters. Agius worked with WWE for over a decade. No word yetRead More

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Superstars React To Brock Lesnar’s WWE Return, ESPN On Lesnar

- ESPN’s “Hot Button” topic of the day is about how far Brock Lesnar would have gone in the UFC had he not gotten sick. – Many superstars have commented on Lesnar’s WWE return on their Twitter accounts, here are some of their tweets: Goldberg: “Great for Brock and the business. Happy for him…….” Dolph Ziggler: “brock lesnar is back/cena cant catch a break! can he go like ME? ps: his gear isnt even bedazzled, uggg! #newkicks?” Roddy Piper: “I think Lesner coming back is great. When a man likeRead More

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CM Punk Speaks On Brock Lesnar’s Return, Jericho Feud & More

C.M. Punk was recently interviewed by Mike Jones from DC101 and discussed a number of topics including his feud with Chris Jericho, WrestleMania nerves, Brock Lesnar’s return, carrying the torch for the old school and more. Here are some of the highlights:   On the unpredictability of his match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania: “Yeah. I think that’s how we got it. I think any good match winds up that way. You don’t really know who’s going to win. Because it’s kind of boring if you know.”   On whetherRead More