AEW Star Quietly Leaves The Company

AEW approaches talent release in a different manner than WWE. WWE tends to release wrestler contracts, whereas Tony Khan will usually let the contract expire and not renew it.

Fans noticed that one wrestler’s profile was removed from the roster page, indicating that he is no longer with the company.

According to Trench is no longer with AEW as his contract expired. As a result, his profile was removed from the roster page a few days ago.

Trench was most known for his face tattoos and was associated with Swerve Strickland and Parker Boudreaux. Prior to his departure, it was stated that Trench and Boudreaux were both injured.

Trench, real name Granden Goetzman, was a baseball player before turning to wrestling. He never made his AEW debut, however he was training with Jay Lethal earlier this year.

Because of their injuries, they haven’t been seen on television, and Strickland has sided with the Embassy (Brian Cage, Toa Liona, and Bishop Kaun with Prince Nana), where they go with Mogul Embassy.