AEW Wrestler Reportedly Fine Following Injury Scare

AEW presented the go-home edition of Dynamite for Sunday’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, in which Swerve Strickland is expected to defend the AEW World Heavyweight Title against Christian Cage in the co-main event.

During Dynamite, Strickland worked a match against Nick Wayne and went over. After the match, Killswitch attacked Strickland, prompting the top AEW star to toss Killswitch out of the ring. However, Killswitch’s leg became badly entangled in the ropes, and he clutched his leg as he fell out of the ring, raising concerns about a potential injury.

Bryan Alvarez, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, stated that Killswitch is fine following the spot.

Alvarez said, “We had Swerve and Nick Wayne, and they had a good match, and Swerve gave him a big back suplex, started his comeback. Nick tried the House Call, which he had hit him with last week, but Swerve countered, hit a backbreaker power slam, told him he was sorry, hit the House Call, and pinned him. This guy’s gonna have a hell of a match on pay-per-view. This was a good TV match for what it was. And then, with the big angle afterward, where Killswitch attacks… And this was the scariest damn thing. Killswitch is on the top rope. He gets a low blow and sort of throws him over the top rope, and he is sitting up there or something, but one way or the other. He gets dumped over the top rope, and his leg gets caught between the top and the middle rope. It wasn’t supposed to. And man, his leg just twisted all which way, and he bumped on the apron, screamed, grabbed his knee, and fell on the ground.”

Dave Meltzer asked, “Is he okay?”

Alvarez responded, “I was like, ‘Oh my god,’ (but) he’s actually totally fine. But, oh my god, if you guys saw that, I thought he was done. But he ends up on the ground, and then you know they go after….”

Meltzer added, “There’s always like stuff on AEW shows where there’s so many near misses.”

Alvarez continued, “It was a near miss…….But that was like one of those things. It was a total fluke. He just felt weird, and his foot got twisted, but apparently, the ropes were loose. I guess people thought like if those ropes had been tight, his knee would have been gone, but because they were loose, he actually lucked out.”

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