Backstage News On Why AEW Kept Match On Dynamite Short

The Blind Eliminator tag team tournament finals featured MJF and Adam Cole vs. Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia, FTW Champion Hook vs. Jack Perry, and the Blood & Guts match that lasted 51 minutes on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Britt Baker defeated Kayla Sparks in a brief match. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the decision to put the Baker match on the show and how it was kept short on Wrestling Observer Radio.

They didn’t have time to go any further because they didn’t want to disrupt other matches.

Alvarez said, “Britt Baker came out, got a total superstar reaction, the place is doing their DMD chant, and then she beat Kayla Sparks in one minute, and it was over. Yeah, that was the whole thing.”

Meltzer added, “I think they just wanted to get her on the, well, you know, the whole thing is, I think that the deal on this one is, is that they had, they had to block off that last hour plus for the Blood & Guts match. So, they didn’t wanna do a short match with Jungle Boy, and they didn’t wanna do a short match with Sammy Guevara and Max, and Adam, Adam Cole. So this is all the time they had left. And the reason they did it, I’m sure, is because they would’ve had all of the stopwatch people who are probably gonna complain tomorrow anyway.”

Alvarez continued, “I was gonna say, if you’re talking about stopwatch people, this ain’t gonna make ’em happy.”

Meltzer said, “They’re not gonna, but if they had no women, the people would be crying bloody murder. So this is basically to pacify to basically say now…they’re gonna still complain. There weren’t enough women on the show, but at least there was a women’s match on the show. I think he tries to book a women’s match on every show. And in this case, it was a squash match that went a minute.”

Alvarez added, “But I think that the fans of women’s wrestling, the reason they’re mad is they don’t want a token woman’s match. Like either do it or don’t. Yeah, but they get it. The thing is on Raw.”

Meltzer said, “They will still get mad if there are no women’s matches.”

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