Big Last Minute Changes Made To SmackDown Due To Several Superstars Missing

Sheamus, AJ Styles, and Daniel Bryan were all advertised for SmackDown but did not appear. There’s no confirmation on why they didn’t appear on the show, but there’s big speculation that they stayed home due to Covid-19.

Before Renee Young announced she had the virus, she interviewed AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan on the prior SmackDown. Mojo Rawley and Shorty G work closely with Jamie Noble as their agent, and Noble did test positive.

There is no confirmation on who in the roster has the Covid-19, but its being speculated they all didn’t appear on the show due to their circumstances. It’s still being reported that WWE will not be punishing anyone for staying home if they don’t feel safe. The number of superstars who do have the virus are speculated to be in the double digits. previously reported that over 30 WWE staff and wrestlers have been tested positive for Covid-19.

This past week’s SmackDown was rewritten into an Undertaker tribute show that luckily ended up helping ratings. Several segments were filled in by past interviews and full Undertaker matches to make up for the lack of roster.