Booker T Thinks Nick Aldis is “Past His Prime”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

During a recent Hall Of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Nick Aldis.

Booker T believes the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion squandered a lot of his prime years on the “impossible” task of reviving the NWA and now has the opportunity to reclaim some of those years when he becomes a free agent in January:

“He’s past his prime I mean I think I mean he spent five years in the NWA that’s a long time. He’s wasted a lot of time trying to make that thing work. Nick Aldis was one of the first guys that I remember having any type of recognition in that company when they kicked back off, and it seemed like he wanted to be the guy that wore that NWA Championship that brought that NWA brand back to the forefront of professional wrestling.”

“To try to bring that brand back, it’s almost impossible. I mean, the NWA is a relic of what professional wrestling was back then.”

You can watch the complete podcast below:

(h/t to TJRWrestling for the transcription)