Bryan Idol On If The James Mitchell Cocaine Spot Costed NWA A TV Deal

WWC Puerto Rico Television Champion Bryan Idol recently spoke with’s Steve Fall on a number of topics including being a part of WWE’s Next Gen.

Idol said, “It’s a really cool thing to be a part of. It kind of just popped up in my lap there. I probably can’t say too much about it, but I mean, clearly I’m on it. I mean, at least I’m on the trailer so we’ll see from there, but yeah, it looks like I’ve gotten some good feedback on that. It looks like it’s gonna be something that’s pretty cool coming out. It is kind of a surprise, really, because I almost wasn’t sure if it was happening or not. With the million other things I have going on, to just wake up to that, and I was like, ‘Oh, look at this.’ I don’t want to give away the show. It’s not my place to do so. I’m there. I’m in the trailer. Watch it. It’s on Roku coming out April 1.”

On the rumors that the James Mitchell cocaine spot cost the NWA a TV deal:

“I can 110% tell you, no matter what anyone else says and I’m totally okay saying this, it had nothing to do with anything. So other than someone’s saying this spot with James Mitchell was in bad taste, okay, but if you’re like, Okay, they did this and then CW said, ‘No, we’re never doing this because of this.’ No, CW wasn’t even aware of it. You could email it to them a thousand times. They don’t care. They got worse stuff going on. You go click the app and go watch some of those shows. There’s plenty of drug use and simulated drug use in those shows and whatever. I gotta back that up because I don’t want to misquote myself. I don’t really watch all the shows on there but I’m gonna guess, I’m going to take a gamble and guess that of the billion shows that are on that app, there’s simulated drug use and whatever else. So they’re on the app and I’m sure on the network channel, they have the same. It’s just society, right? There’s movies. People do drugs in movies. They show it. Okay. Maybe now I’m speaking out of pocket because I’m talking about somebody else’s stuff, so whatever, but what I can speak about is our own stuff. It didn’t affect anything. The James Mitchell cocaine spot did not cost a TV deal for the NWA. It had nothing to do with anything. There was no discipline handed down. No one cared.”

You can check out Idol’s comments in the video below.