Dalton Castle Gets Fired Up In Post-AEW Collision Digital Exclusive Video

Dalton Castle spoke with Lexy Nair in a digital exclusive video released after AEW Collision went off the air on Saturday night.

In the video, the ROH and AEW star is interviewed backstage by Lexy Nair following his loss to Nick Wayne on the show, which saw TNT Champion Christian Cage and Luchasaurus get involved.

He called the match a “a ridiculous loss,” before losing his cool and unloading with a vitriol-filled diatribe aimed at Wayne, Cage and Luchasaurus.

“Nick Wayne? I lost to Nick Wayne?! Ridiculous, that’s what that is,” an animated Castle said. “The whole situation … doesn’t anybody follow the rules anymore? I mean, rules are rules Lexy. It just makes me so furious! I’m just so mad I wanna go out and punch a stranger in the face!”

Castle continued, “Christian Cage came out there, right? Who is he, the TNT Champion? Bull crap! That guy doesn’t know drama. You wanna know drama, you come to this peacock! I am the one people crave! The viewers wanna see Dalton “Drama” Castle. Christian Cage is dull, he’s dense, he’s dumb! Luchasaurus is a underdeveloped polywog who is sticking his nose in other people’s business. Luchasaurus, you put your hands on my boys again, and I’m gonna break your knees. You hear me?! I’m finished! I mean this! I am livid!”

Check out the video below. H/T to Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709 of PWMania.com for transcribing the above quotes.