Exclusive: DECAY (Rosemary And Havok) Open Up About The TNA Women’s Division, More

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In the latest PWMania.com exclusive interview, Scott Mitchell (@Scott44Mitchell) sits down with the new TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, DECAY. Rosemary (@WeAreRosemary) and Havok (@FearHavok) discuss their re-emergence from the undead realm, the return of TNA, the women’s locker room, and so much more.

You can check out the complete interview below:

What does it mean to you to see the return of the TNA name?

Havok: “The rebranding, the rebirth, or as Rosemary put it, the resurrection of TNA. Those three letters hold a very special place in my cold, black heart. This has been my home for a very long time, and it is a place where broken toys and misfits can go to play, battle, and put on one of the best television shows in all of television.”

Rosemary: “And be our authentic selves. There’s a reason we chose the TNA realm to make our home base.”

Not only did TNA return at Hard To Kill, but we also saw the re-emergence of DECAY from the undead realm. Going from Jessicka and Courtney back to DECAY, how much fun was that?

Rosemary: “We had to search for Havok for so long. She got lost. The undead realm is a bit of a labyrinth to be fair. But we would have thought with Havok being from there she would have found her way around a little bit better.”

Havok: “That is true, it is a big place. The undead wasteland is very vast and has many dangers. My thing is, after that short battle where I fell to Masha, I had some reflection to do. I had to find the monster within myself again. I’m sure I’m speaking for Rosemary when I say when we emerged from the undead realm at Hard to Kill, the energy from the Hivelings was unmatched.”

Rosemary: “Courtney and Jessicka did their job. They made sure we still had a place to come back to when we were ready and finished our mission. They did well and deserve a little pat on the head.”

What was it like defeating MK Ultra and winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships in your first match back as DECAY?

Havok: “Well, I just feel like it was long overdue, and the victory was so much sweeter to take Masha and Kelly down. They’re nobody to scoff at, and they know what they’re doing and are a force to be reckoned with. But we brought the title belts back to the Hiveling where they belong, and it was so sweet.”

Rosemary: “That was a little taste of revenge with some seasoning on top. There’s no use in celebrating a victory with someone who may be “inferior.” With Masha and Kelly, we never considered them inferior in any way. You want to test yourself against the best and now I hear we get to do it again at No Surrender.”

Havok: “I can’t wait.”

It had to feel like some special revenge, specifically for you Havok. Your match against Masha made you return and find this more dangerous version of yourself. What was that like?

Havok: “I lost myself. For a long time, there was a part of me that was missing. As nice as it was to get my hands on Masha, I have to thank her as well. I have respect for her, but it doesn’t go much further than that. I think we made our intentions very clear as DECAY when we came back. It was revenge, and it was needed.”

Rosemary: “I’ll second that. Thank you, Masha, our gratitude for helping us find our more powerful form.”

At No Surrender, DECAY is going up against MK Ultra, this time you will be defending the Knockouts Tag Team Titles against them. What are your hopes heading into that match?

Rosemary: “Custom stipulations would be fun. No disqualifications, play in our world.”

Havok: “As Rosemary said before, we played by these humans’ rules for so long, and we’ve done a wonderful job. Rosemary, you especially. But it would be nice if they would let us pull our opponents into a battleground that we are more familiar with so we can show everyone what we are fully capable of.”

Would you want to see an “Undead Realm” match be brought back, and how do you think that could go with a team like MK Ultra?

Rosemary: “We have a suspicion that they would be down for it. They may be humans, but they are very twisted.”

Havok: “They are very twisted for sure. They’re our greatest opponents yet, and we can’t say that enough. They would most certainly be down for those skewered stipulations, and the hivelings, they’ve been praying for it. It only makes sense.”

What do you like the most about the “Undead Realm” match? 

Rosemary: “It lets us stretch out our wings, play with our surroundings, and just play with our entire environment. In the ring, it’s a type of stage. You have barriers and limitations right there. You go outside of that, and the referee starts yelling at you. It’s no good. But once you take away those restrictions, you enlarge the battlefield and there’s just so many more possibilities, so much more you can do that people haven’t seen yet, and so much more creativity. It’s where truly creative people shine.”

What’s it like for you guys to work with some of the most talented tag teams around today in arguably one of the best women’s locker rooms in all of wrestling?

Rosemary: “It ties back to the answer about Masha and Kelly. There’s no sense in testing yourself against a perceived inferior opponent. This entire company has always been encouraging and growing. It’s no secret that obviously, women’s wrestling is going to be behind in accordance with men’s wrestling because it hasn’t had the time to catch up to that. But it’s getting there quickly. Women are starting to find that they are capable of just as much as men, perhaps more. Women’s tag team wrestling is still a fledgling division. Tag team form is very different from a singles match, and it’s an entirely different structure to learn. So, to put together different tag teams who maybe haven’t studied tag team wrestling and put them in matches with people who have studied tag team wrestling, you can only get better in that environment. This is all about training and elevating each other. We want to face the best. Masha and Kelly are the best. However, Dani and Jody don’t have long to go. Right now, they need to get their priorities straight, instead of having little human squabbles.”

Havok: “To just add to Rosemary’s point, we do have the best women’s division on television today and I will stand by that statement boldly. Jordynne Grace is our Knockouts World Champion, and that’s by no fluke. Look at her, she’s a specimen. She’s one of the most amazing specimens of a human being that I have ever seen. She proves herself time and again, breaking barriers in the past month of things we never thought we’d see in pro wrestling, let alone women’s wrestling. We do have the best women’s division, and we welcome it. I would even welcome more teams coming in and challenging us. As Rosemary said, we want to play, and we want to play with the absolute best.”

Going forward, what’s next for Rosemary, Havok, and DECAY as a whole?

Rosemary: “Right now there is no sense in getting derailed from our focus. Next is No Surrender. Next is that rematch with Masha and Kelly. Beyond that, not sure. We could go in one direction or another, but we’ll see what happens there. There’s no sense in running before walking. MK Ultra comes first, and then, whoever wants a piece.”

Havok: “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Do you have a message for your fans?

Havok: “I think that I would just say, any wrestling fan who is still sleeping on TNA for whatever reason, get off of your butt and do something about it. This is the best wrestling program on TV week after week. If you want to see the best, you need to start tuning in.”

Rosemary: “To add on to that, there’s no hostility in that kind of a statement. That’s almost a challenge. Do better than us, now the challenge is for us to do better. It elevates women’s wrestling and wrestling in general across the entire spectrum. Not across just TNA Wrestling, but across all of professional wrestling. We claim to be the best, show us you’re the best, and we can put our hats on and get to work. It’s encouraging. It’s healthy.”

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