Details On AEW Working With NJPW

As previously reported, NJPW’s KENTA attacked Jon Moxley during the closing moments of this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Fans have speculated about AEW and NJPW having a working relationship since the launch of AEW. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer talked about how the two companies are finally working together:

“The deal is done and the two sides have a working relationship. The pandemic sped it up, but it also holds it back at the same time. You know, the only way to get Moxley was to make a deal. When AEW first started, New Japan had no clue has successful they’d be. There are a lot of things about it.”

“There was really a lot of childish stuff, and even when I tell people they, you know, don’t wanna believe it. There really was a lot of childish stuff. Essentially, they wanted Tony Khan to come and see them and he didn’t, and even though they sent Chris Harrington and even though the Young Bucks were the office and they were ready to make the deal, New Japan thought that they were fly-by-nighters and it’s not going to mean anything, and they just kinda big leagued them.”

“They were wrong and they went their separate ways. Then they needed Jon Moxley because he had the U.S. Title. I mean they could have stripped him. They could if they wanted to, but they didn’t want to. The only way to to get him, because he couldn’t go to Japan, was to do it here; but the only way to do it here was to get approval from Tony Khan, so it opened the door.”

AEW uploaded a post-show video where Kenny Omega proposed a “lights out” match between himself and KENTA against Jon Moxley and Lance Archer on next week’s Dynamite.