Tony Khan: “WWE Is Like The Harvey Weinstein Of Pro Wrestling”

While appearing on the NFL Network this afternoon to discuss the 2024 NFL Draft, AEW President Tony Khan ignited social media with his comments about WWE.

Khan has previously criticized WWE, including when it was alleged that WWE tampered with AEW talent contracts, which prompted him to tweet about Vince McMahon, Triple H, and others. He has previously stated that this is when business became personal for him because it coincided with his mother’s life-threatening illness.

He compared AEW to the Pepsi of professional wrestling, competing against an evil juggernaut like WWE. He also addressed them as Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former Hollywood executive.

“AEW, we’ve been doing this for five years, we are the most successful sports start up since the AFL, pre-merger. There has not been a challenger brand that has gained as much market share as AEW in many many years. We are like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. We’re up against an evil juggernaut. WWE is our competitor, that’s who we’re facing. AEW, like the Pepsi of pro wrestling. WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling. I’m really proud of what we do down here.”