Eddie Kingston: ‘I Love Tony Khan To Death. He’s A Great Fu**ing Human Being’

Eddie Kingston was interviewed on AdFreeShows.com, where he revealed he has at least four more years with AEW and has no plans to leave.

Believing fans would prefer to return to the days of kayfabe:

“I think that the business is going backwards, in a sense of, you guys, the fans, you know everything already. You know the magic. You know there’s bookers. It’s all been exposed for years now. I was a fan at that time where it was being exposed and I was so into it because we had never seen that before. I remember ECW, they were talking sh*t about WCW, when WCW was talking sh*t about WWF, or whatever, and I never seen that before because when I grew up in the 80s and early 90s, they did not talk, the big companies, maybe the lower territories that I wasn’t getting probably did, but the big companies never did, so everything got exposed. Cool. You know everything now. I believe people are done with it. People don’t want to hear us on Twitter bitching and moaning on what’s going on backstage. People don’t want to know how much fun I had with my opponent that night in the ring. I believe they want to see that, no, we still don’t like each other.”

“They want to be lost. I put it in this sense. The Marvel movies whether they’re good or bad, it’s been a lot of bad lately, but it still makes millions to billions of dollars. Now imagine, and I use this example, imagine if Captain America stopped in the middle of the fu**ing movie and said, ‘Hey, man, I didn’t really kick that guy’s ass. Like, we’re actually going to go out later. I respect the sh*t out of him. He’s the stunt man’, and then they will go, ‘Okay, back to the action.’ It will ruin it. So I believe now people want to go back to, I guess you can say the kayfabe days. You know what I mean? The reason why I kind of believe that too is. I’m not gonna put over Chris Jericho. People are like, ‘How was your feud?’ ‘What do you mean? I hated him for seven months. It was the worst time of my life.’ There’s certain other people who I really don’t like, hence, Claudio, so I’m not going to flip that. Punk, I’m not going to flip that. The Bucks, I’m not gonna, people want to still be lost in it. They don’t want us to go on any views be like, ‘Nah, man. I actually had a blast from Chris Jericho and I learned a lot from him.’ ‘No, I didn’t. Fu*k him.'”

Tony Khan working with the talent’s creative ideas:

“I love Tony Khan to death. He’s a great fu**ing human being. He’s a great human being. Sometimes I think he’s too good. That’s just my opinion. That’s the New York in me coming out going, ‘I don’t understand why the fu** he’s nice to this person.’ That’s just me, but also he knows if he did it my way, no one would be there. ‘You’re complaining? Get the fu** out of here.'”

“Tony has such a big heart. I love that man. I love him because, and this is a big one, he listens to our ideas, even if they’re fu**ing horrible. I’ve heard guys pitch stuff to him and he’ll ask me to stay, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God. This is bad’, but he’ll actually sit there and listen and take it in and actually try to work with the guy. Sometimes he’ll go with the bad idea and I’m like, ‘Why did you keep me in here? Do you want me to really tell you how fu**ing bad that is, but I don’t want to do it because the guy is not here. Bring the guy in. I don’t want him thinking I’m talking sh*t behind his back. It’s fu**ing horrid.’ That’s probably the main reason why I love him is because he does care about every, maybe too much, every single one of his wrestlers. He does. He cares about every one of us and it’s fu**ing insane. I remember a couple of times I would tell him, ‘Why do you care when they don’t care about you’, or, ‘Why do you care if they don’t care if this company stays open?’ He goes, ‘Eddie, I’m paying them so I have to care.’”

“This is why I love AEW. That’s why if you notice, you haven’t heard anything about me with contracts because I did my sh*t on the low. My thing was coming up. I got four more years, so I’m straight. No one needs to know how much. No one needs to know how long. I got my fu**ing shit. I got my sh*t and I’m gonna be there for a minute because there’s nowhere else I want to be.”

Check out the complete interview at AdFreeShows.com.

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)