Eric Bischoff Discusses Unique Terms Of Ric Flair’s Multi-Year Deal With AEW

Ric Flair’s life is professional wrestling.

With that in mind, Eric Bischoff is happy for “The Nature Boy” after hearing of him signing a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

During a recent episode of his “Strictly Business” podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame legend and former WCW Executive Vice President spoke about Flair signing a deal to return in AEW as part of Sting’s retirement tour leading up to AEW Revolution 2024.

“I’m happy for Ric,” Bischoff said. “Professional wrestling is Ric Flair’s life. Ric Flair left Richard Fleir behind a long time ago, and I’m happy for Ric because Ric loves the business, he loves being around the business. It’s good for Ric, it’s really good for Ric. The Wooooo! Energy thing, that’s obviously a great opportunity for the people who are behind Wooooo! Energy to get it some national promotion and exposure.”

Bischoff continued, “That’s a good thing. It makes it easier for the distributors who are trying to sell that drink and get it into the retail outlets around the country. It’s a win for Ric personally, it’s a win for the people behind Wooooo! Energy, and let’s see what it means to AEW. Time will tell.”

Easy-E would continue, referencing the length of Flair’s deal and the report that came out stating that his sponsorship deal was paying for the majority of his salary.

“If what Sean reported is true, and I believe it probably is, yeah, it’s very similar to what I did,” Bischoff said. “In Randy’s case, the Slim Jim deal covered 100% of Randy’s salary. It covered all of it, and did for a couple years. I got Randy for free [laughs], and that’s why it’s a win. It’s a win for Ric, it gets him close to a business that is his life, really. It’s in his generic makeup, his DNA. There’s no denying how much Ric loves the business. So it’s a win-win, and potentially a win-win-win. We’ll just have to wait and see how much of a win it is for the AEW product.”

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