Eric Bischoff Reveals What Led Him To Joining Impact Wrestling

During his recent 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about his run with Impact Wrestling and what led to him joining the company:

“I wasn’t excited about going to TNA,” Bischoff said. “I didn’t aspire to end up there. I felt like it was a step down from my last run in WWE as a performer and certainly a step down from WCW at the peak of Monday Nitro’s success. It was not something I was genuinely excited about. I did it, I made the choice to go to TNA, partly because I was missing the business a bit. It wasn’t a career move for me, but it was trying to scratch that itch. TNA didn’t want me, they didn’t aspire to have me on their team anymore than I aspired to be on the team. We had a mutual disinterest in each other, but the common denominator was Hulk Hogan.”

“Dixie Carter really really wanted Hulk Hogan to join TNA. Hulk wouldn’t consider joining TNA unless I was positioned to, at the very least, watch over his creative. I wasn’t interested in being a part of the creative or even running the creative team on TNA with the exception of those storylines or characters that directly interfaced with Hulk Hogan’s character. That was why I went there and I negotiated Hulks deal. Once I got there and got a little bit more comfortable, my attitude changed. I didn’t look down on them in a way, I didn’t look at it as much as a step down as I did prior to getting in because there’s a lot of good talent there. Dixie had hired every ex-WWE or ex-WCW talent that daddy could pay for.”