TNA Impact Results – April 25, 2024

TNA Impact is pre-recorded from Paradise Nevada! You can watch TNA Impact via AXSTV and on their official YouTube channel.

This week on TNA we will see the fallout this past Saturday at Rebellion. There was a number one contender match to determine who will be next in line for a World Title shot. We also saw Ash by Elegance in the ring against Xia Brookside. Plus, Eddie Edwards vs. Nic Nemeth and so more. Continue below for the complete results.

COMMENTATORS: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt



The fans were chanting his name as he thanked them. He said that he had planned to be here tonight as the world champion, but he failed. Nic left it all out there and had no excuses. He mentioned losing in front of his family and doesn’t know what’s next for him.


Matt said that he had a premonition that the lights would go out after the Rebellion main event and he would be in the ring with the world champion, who he hoped would be Nemeth. Broken Matt said he saw something on the footage; the replay showed that Nemeth had his shoulder up. The Broken one thinks it didn’t look like an official pinfall and maybe Nemeth should be champion.

Matt said he is here to challenge the champion of the world. He offered Nemeth a title shot down the line. The System walked to the stage. Moose said that Matt thinks he’s the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders! Now he can see why they suck. Moose said this isn’t football and you can’t challenge the play. Nemeth challenged The System to get in the ring. Eddie Edwards said Nemeth sounds pathetic. He said that Nemeth wanted to be the next Kurt Angle but he may not even be the next Eric Angle. Nemeth said he finally knows what he’s going to do — he’s going to beat the hell out of Eddie tonight.


Santino Marella was with Mustafa Ali, The Good Hands, and the security guards. Marella was putting names in the Ballot Box to see who would challenge for the X Division Title. Jordynne Grace put a name in the box and asked to talk to Santino.

Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace:
Grace said she was glad that PCO was on standby and was happy to see Sami Callihan back. She talked about her match next week again Miyu Yamashita. Grace said she asked Santino to make it a title match. Miyu showed up and said she would take the title.
Myon Reed w/The Rascalz vs. Mike Santana
During the match, Mike Santana took out the Rascalz.
RESULTS: Mike Santana defeats Myon Reed via pinfall with a spinning clothesline! After the match, walked too ringside. Him and The Rascalz surrounded Santana, but The Rascalz ran off and left Maclin by himself. Santana and Maclin exchange blows as Maclin goes up the stage!
Steve Maclin has re-signed with TNA Wrestling!
Steph DeLander and Kon promo:
Steph called her loss at Rebellion “The Las Vegas Screwjob.” She challenged Jordynne Grace and PCO to face her and Kon at Under Siege. Kon said he would finish the job.
Josh Alexander promo:

He said it was a good day; any time he can step in a TNA ring is a good day. He said he bleeds for these letters, and he showed it against Hammerstone. Josh thinks it’s time that he is called the world champion again. Then he was interrupted by Frankie Kazarian.

Frankie walked to the stage. He thinks Alexander is entitled and now that he (Josh Alexander) won one match, he thinks he deserves a title shot. Frankie talked about beating Eric Young at Rebellion, so he deserves a title shot. Kazarian got in the ring. Alexander said they should face each other to determine the number one contender. Frankie said he was injured after his match and wasn’t at his best. Alexander said if Frankie doesn’t want to fight, he can just be the top contender. Frankie said, “That doesn’t work for me, brother.” A referee got in the ring and Jade Chung announced that the match would happen right now.

Number 1 Contenders Match – Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Alexander

During the match, Frankie was about to hit Josh with a chain but Eric Young runs in and takes it away! Kazarian fell down pretended like Eric Young hit him but for good reason the referee didn’t buy it.

RESULTS: Number 1 contender Josh Alexander! Josh Alexander defeats Frankie Kazarian via submission with an Ankle Lock!


Jake Something and Deaner put papers in the ballot box. Hammerstone walked in and confronted them. He pushed Jake, but Santino broke it up and made a match for them to face each other at Under Siege.

They show First Class (AJ Francis & Rich Swann) with Bun B arriving to the arena!

On Stage with Gia Miller and First Class:

Aj Francis introduced Bun B to the crowd! The crowd who booed all of them all. AJ told the fans to shut their mouths. He bragged about his celebrity friends who have been showing up. Bun B said his accommodations have been “first class”. Gia asked if Swann’s win over Joe Hendry at Rebellion was tainted. Swann said that Hendry learned a valuable lesson about treating them with respect. Hendry came out after Gia said his name.

Fans chanted “We believe!” AJ asked Hendry if they would have to teach him another lesson. Hendry said he wasn’t here for a fight. He said he suffered a groin injury at Rebellion, and he was humbled. Joe Hendry said he owed them an apology and he would do it the right way next week in the ring.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown on camera above the ring. They were interrupted by Ash by Elegance’s concierge. He then announces Ash.

Ash by Elegance vs. Xia Brookside

RESULTS: Xia Brookside defeats Ash by Elegance via pinfall with a roll up after the concierge gave Ash colorful brass knuckles, but the referee caught it. While they argued, Xia took advantage and rolled her up!


Wrestlers were at the ballot box where there were accusations of voter fraud. Santino stopped everyone from arguing and declared that the top two vote-getters would have a match next week! The winner would face Mustafa Ali at Under Siege.

Handicap Match – Sami Callihan vs. The Good Hands (John Skylar & Jason Hotch)

RESULTS: Sami Callihan defeats The Good Hands via pinfall with a Piledriver on John Skyler.


Steve Maclin approached Frankie Kazarian. Maclin talked about their problems with Mike Santana, Eric Young, and Josh Alexander. Frankie said he didn’t trust him. Maclin explained that they could help with each other’s enemies. Maclin left as Frankie thought it over.

MAIN EVENT – Nic Nemeth vs. Eddie Edwards

RESULTS: Eddie Edwards defeats Nic Nemeth via pinfall with a Boston Knee Party. During the match, Brian Myers caused a distraction which did no favors for Nic!

After the match, The System continues the beatdown, smashing a chair to his throat in the process. Speedball Mountain and Ryan Nemeth hit the ring, but they are too late as TNA goes off the air.

Next week on TNA, Joe Hendry apologizes to AJ Francis & Rich Swann, Knockouts Title match Jordynne Grace vs. Miyu Yamashita and much more!