Eric Bischoff Talks About ROH Tag Title Match On AEW ALL IN Pre-Show, Sting/Darby Allin

Eric Bischoff sounded off with his thoughts on the AEW ALL IN 2023 premium live event on the latest episode of his “83 Weeks” podcast.

During the show, the former WCW Executive Vice President gave his thoughts on MJF and Adam Cole working the “Zero Hour” pre-show before the PPV, as well as his take on Sting lending equity to Darby Allin in AEW.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the show where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On booking the ROH Tag Team Title match on the pre-show: “You know, my initial reaction is anybody that listens to either 83 weeks or Strictly Business, I thought it was a stupid idea. I didn’t get it. But as I’ve often said, you know, you have to wait and see and it doesn’t bother me. Look, do I think it really added value to the main event? I really don’t. Do I think it hurt the main event? No, I don’t. So I think it was on paper probably a good idea in execution. I think it was a neutral move. It wasn’t good. Wasn’t bad. It was just there. So no harm, no foul. Man, I’m not taking any points away for it.”

On Sting lending some equity to Darby Allin: “Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? That’s the beautiful thing. That’s another thing that I. This is something that was almost subconscious. But you’re bringing it up. That’s what I love about Darby and Sting is Sting is lending. He’s giving Darby the rub. It just is. But Darby is giving it right back. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where both talents are better because of each other. And I love that. That’s magic when it happens.”

Check out the complete episode of the show via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.