Former WWE Star Believes Someone Will Die In An AEW Ring

Former WWE star Al Snow spoke with Vince Russo about the Will Ospreay vs. Konosuke Takeshita brainbuster from AEW Revolution 2024, which left Ospreay bruised.

Snow stated the following:

“You’re going to have those that are going to defend it, and they’re going to get upset and take the… that I’ve got an axe to grind, and that I’m bitter, and I’m not. At all. [I’m] satisfied with everything. I watch this, and I watch the escalation continue all the time. The reason I took up the cause I took up years ago when I ended up buying OVW, ribbing myself, was because I went to the wrestling commissions insisting on standards of training and standards of, you know, activity in the ring.”

“I promise you there are more accidents that have happened, and are occurring, like that, and what it’s going to take, quite honestly, and we’re en route, and when this happens, I want everyone to go, ‘Al was right!’ OK? Because everyone’s going to deny it. At some point, especially, the likelihood is it definitely going to occur on a show on AEW… and it’s going to be on national television, and you’re going to watch someone die right in front of your eyes.”

“We now have escalated to where we watched Will Ospreay go up into a vertical suplex with the guy standing on the second rope and drop straight on his head. We watched Orange Cassidy get dropped bodily on the top rope and could almost be cut in half. OK? How much exponentially has the scale went up, that we’re going to watch someone die? Meaning… legitimately, they’re going to die right in front of your eyes in a match.”