Gervonta Davis Defeats Ryan Garcia In One Of The Most Anticipated Fights Of The Year

Live from Las Vegas, it’s Fight Night!

Gervonta Davis defeated Ryan Garcia via Knock out in the seventh round.

Saturday night we got to witness one of the most anticipated fights of the year.

With both coming in undefeated, everyone around the world had mix feelings on who would walk out as the winner.

The first round seemed pretty even as both were trying to figure each other out, while in the second round Garcia came out on the offense. In both rounds Garcia was protecting the center of the ring, tempting Davis. But Davis caught him in the second round with the first knock down and Garcia changed his attack.

In round three, Garcia continued to try to maintain in the center, but his conservative fighting allowed Davis to begin to feel himself as he took over control of the middle of the ring. The knockdown clearly made Garcia change his aggressive approach.

By the fourth round, you can tell Davis had felt his way through the ring. The left hand punches to the head and body to Garcia had completely made Garcia confused on his game plan. Garcia looked as if he didn’t have an answer to Davis offense the more Davis looked comfortable.

Round five, Davis clearly was taking over, not respecting Garcia in the middle. Although Garcia let Davis to do all the work, the lack of respect by Davis was too much.

Round six, Davis kept on Garcia as Garcia began to show signs of fatigue. He caught Davis with a right that could’ve been a knock down, but the lack of power, probably due to the weight difference and height, prevented it.

Round seven, Garcia goes down with a left body shot to the gut. Garcia took a knee and could not continue. He could not handle it and just like that, Davis remains undefeated at 27-0. Hopefully we get a second fight, but as of now, Garcia proved to not be ready just yet.