Impact Wrestling Results – March 30, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – March 30, 2021

The final episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened with a look back at last week’s episode.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N’ Flava vs. Neveah & Havok

Kiera Hogan started with Havok and was quickly taken down. Havok backed her into the corner and nailed a big beel toss. She charged but was kicked away by Hogan. Hogan tried to take advantage but was drilled with a big uranage. Hogan was tossed into Havok’s corner, where Neveah helped double-team her and scored a two count. Hogan was worked over for some time. Hogan finally made the tag to Tasha Steelz, who nailed a dropkick to the knee and worked her over in the corner. Hogan ran a lap around inside the ring and connected with a dropkick in the corner for a two count. Hogan and Steelz controlled Havok in the corner, stomping away at her. Steelz locked in a side chinlock.

Steelz drilled Havok just as she tried to fight back and covered her for a two count. The Champions continued to tag in and out, scoring near falls on Havok. Hogan cinched in a rear chinlock and drilled Havok with elbows. Neveah finally got the tag and worked over Steelz. Steelz drilled her into her own corner but Havok blind-tagged in and grabbed Tasha and nailed a sit-out powerbomb. Hogan dove in to break up the pinfall. Havok wwas engraged and went after her, then went for an over the shoulder powerslam. Steelz broke free and tagged Kiera in. Hogan reversed a powerbomb attempt and drilled Havok. Steelz bulldogged Neveah. The Champions double-teamed Havok. Steelz nailed a frog splash and scored the pin.

Your winners, Fire N’ Flayva!

Neveah was upset with the loss. Havok was apologetic over it. Neveah took a moment, then hugged Havok. She then attacked her from behind and speared her down. Neveah began raining down with right hands. She kept saying, “I thought I was the weak link”, then DDT’d Havok and told her that she was the weak link. Neveah walked out, leaving Havok prone in the ring.

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker looked at what just went down, then pushed the Rebellion PPV. They plugged Kenny Omega was in the house tonight, then ran down the card for tonight.

Gia Miller interviewed James Storm. Storm said he had 999 matches down and one to go to make it 1,000. He said he was going to drink a lot of beers but as much as it should be a celebration, it’s more of a dedication. He said that for someone who had 1,000 matches, he wasn’t even supposed to have one. He said there was a man who passed away recently, Bob Ryder, who kept going to the Impact office and pushing James and Chris Harris on them and asking them to give him a chance. Storm said that he thinks they probably laughed at Bob but finally gave them a chance and the rest was history. Tonight, he dedicates his match to his best friend, Bob Ryder. He warned Eric Young that he was coming to get him. Chris Sabin and Jake Something showed up and said they had a surprise for him. Out walked Chris Harris. Storm stared at him and said it’s been a long time. They hugged and walked out.

Gia Miller interviewed Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Susan. Susan said that Jazz is reckless and what she did to Kimber Lee was reckless and she deserves what she got. Jazz attacked Susan as Deonna ran off. Jazz laid Susan out and walked off.

Sami Callihan vs. Larry D with Acey Romero

Larry drilled Callihan early and nailed a lariat. Callihan avoided a splash and nailed a knee strike that sent Larry to the outside. Callihan dragged D back up to the apron and nailed a rebound clothesline. D was knocked to the floor. Callihan went for a dive but D caught him and drove him backwards into the ring apron. D slammed Callihan on the apron as they went to commercial.

When Impact returned, Callihan was tossed out of the ring to the floor again. They battled on the floor with D scoring a series of forearms. He sent Callihan back into the ring. Callihan fired back with a series of slaps and chops. He missed a clothesline, leading to D drilling him with a lariat. D scored with a splash and almost got the three count. Larry scored with several short arm clotheslines but was caught with a right hand. Callihan was kicked off when charging in the corner but still rebounded to nail a DVDR off the ropes for a two count. They battled to the apron outside, where Callihan tried to go for a piledriver. They drilled back and forth into each other. D elevated Callihan onto his shoulders but Callihan slipped behind and ripped into his face. D fought him off but missed a shoulderblock through the ropes. Callihan kicked him in the face and used the ropes to slingshot him into the piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Acey Romero immediately attacked Sami. The announcers wondered if Trey Miguel would return the favor and rescue him but it didn’t happen. Sami laughed and smile and Matt Striker wondered if Trey actually passed a test by not helping.

They showed a video feature on Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions FinJuice competing in New Japan.

Backstage, Kenny Omega and Don Callis were watching the footage and talked about why they can understand all the fuss about the new champions to the chagrin of The Good Brothers. They noted it appeared the Good Brothers were off their game and said it wasn’t show friends but show business. They whispered something to The Good Brothers, who said it was a good idea and they left.

Sami Callihan found Trey Miguel and said he didn’t help him. Miguel asked him what he owes him and that he doesn’t need to do a thing. Callihan said that he’s pushing Trey because he can get to the next level. Miguel told him he doesn’t validate his passion. Callihan offers to be his mentor. Miguel said he’s not a young boy. Callihan said he can be his partner, carrying the company side by side. Trey said he doesn’t give a damn. Callihan said he wants Trey to tag with him against XXXL next week. Miguel said hell no to the idea. Callihan told him to think about it and give him an answer next week.

Brian Myers vs. Suicide

Suicide came out strong with offense early on, including a leg lariat for a two count. Suicide locked on an Octopus submission but Myers grabbed the ropes. Myers cut him off and shoved him down. Suicide was beaten with right hands. Myers locked on a chinlock. Suicide fought his way out using strikes and palm thrusts. He nailed a big clothesline on Myers, sending him upside down. Myers came back with a superkick and a suplex for a two count. Myers began trashtalking Suicide and kept in control. Myers nailed the Roster Cut and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

Myers took the mic and said his old pal Matt Cardona has challenged him to a match. Myers said Cardona is just trying to get the rub, just like he’s been doing for 18 years but it’s not going to happen here in Impact Wrestling. Myers said he’s the franchise of Impact and that doesn’t include Cardona. So, challenge denied.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer was approached by Jazz. She wants her hands on Deonna Purrazzo. Dreamer said he was thinking about that – and they can do something they used to do in ECW, Ultimate Jeopardy. If she beats Deonna, she wins the title but she has to put something on the line. Jazz says she will put her career on the line. Dreamer said he just brought her back and she doesn’t have to do that. Jazz joked and said she knows but she wants get hands on Deonna so bad, she’s willing to do this. Dreamer told her she better win. She walked off and said, “I know.”

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone were back with the latest paid ad pushing Dynamite. Khan was SUPER EXCITED.

Backstage at Swinger’s Paradise, John E. Bravo has to go to the bathroom but Swinger won’t let him because some “Mizarks” might come in. They are making big action on bets for Rebellion. Kenny Omega and Don Callis walked in. They weren’t impressed with the odds on the match and showed Swinger the one-winged angel video. Swinger said that the odds have swung in Omega’s favor. Callis bet $20,000 on Omega.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. TJP & Josh Alexander.

Alexander and Fulton started out. Alexander tried to take him down but Fulton was too strong and sent him flying across the ring, then drilled him with a series of bodyshots. Austin tagged in but when Alexander escaped his corner, the champion tagged Fulton back in. Alexander grabbed a side headlock. Fulton nailed a belly to back suplex but Alexander held on. Alexander went to the ropes but was knocked away. Alexander was tossed over the top but rebounded and went to the top and came off. He ran Fulton around and Fulton slipped in the corner. Austin tagged in but Alexander continued to control the ring until Fulton hit the ring. TJP dove off the top but was caught. Alexander took down Fulton. He and TJP took down Austin but began arguing with each other. TJP worked over Austin until he went for a handstand but was grabbed by Fulton. That allowed Austin to nail a kick and then locked in a rear chinlock. TJP fought to his feet but drilled back down with an elbow as he rebounded off the ropes.

Fulton tagged back in and choked TJP while standing on the ropes, leaving TJP hanging in mid-air. TJP was sent hard into the buckles. Alexander finally made the hot tag and nailed a series of hard strikes and clotheslines on Fulton. Fulton cut him off with a kick to the gut but a suplex attempt was reversed. Fulton backdropped Alexander and drilled him with a big boot to the face, cutting off his momentum.

They went for a Powerplex but TJP shoved Austin off the top. TJP and Alexander double-teamed Fulton and knocked him to the floor. TJP used a Bootwash in the corner on Austin. Fulton returned but was double teamed by TJP and Alexander. They nailed a series of moves in the corner but Alexander accidentally nailed TJP, possibly because Fulton pulled him into the line of fire.

That allowed Austin to wipe out Alexander with a kick to the head and went for a cover. Alexander kicked out. He avoided the Fold. TJP tagged himself in and nailed a Mamba Splash but Josh didn’t realize it and they argued over who was going to get the pin. Alexander finally left the ring but Austin had recovered and rolled up TJP for the pin.

Don Callis approached Willie Mack backstage and began buttering him up. He wanted to show Mack the One-Winged Angel video because Omega beat Rich Swann with it but Swann isn’t listening to him. Swann showed up and Callis told him that Omega loves his finishing move and Omega can’t wait to kick out of it. Swann told him to stand up and talk to him like a man. Swann said he might be responsible for writing his checks but if he wasn’t, he’d slap the sunglasses off his face. Callis said he’s not going to let Omega be embarrassed for the next ten minutes, he’s not an executive but Callis the wrestler. He dared Swann to fight him and just as it was going to happen, Kenny Omega attacked him from behind. Mack jumped on Omega but the Good Brothers ran in and laid waste. Eddie Edwards hit the scene and helped run off Team Omega. This whole segment was tremendous.

They ran a “coming soon Impact Zone April 2021” video promo with a place made up to look like CBGB in NYC, just a dirty, small place with lots of tattered flyers all over the walls. It brought me back lots of wonderful High School mosh pit memories for a second. I am told the vignette is for a talent, not a place.

Rohit Raju wanted to form a team with Hernandez but he blew him off and said if he wants to team, Hernandez wants to see cash in hand.

Violent by Design video promo. Rhino has been cleansed by the holy waters of change. He said that 1,000 matches means that James Storm is lost to the purity of truth. Impact was built on men who withstood the test of time. He and Storm are two of those men, but the world doesn’t belong to him, they belong to us.

Tommy Dreamer led a gathering of the Knockouts to announce Deonna vs. Jazz at Hardcore Justice. Deonna said everyone who wants competition should step up and walked off. Dreamer grabbed Susan and wanted to talk to her about Su Yung. She told “Thomas” she didn’t know who he was talking about but her head started hurting. Susan walked off. Dreamer said they are going to do a number one contender’s Knockouts Scramble Match with All Weapons Legal. Rosemary said she was totally in. Tenille Dashwood said this was a joke. Kaleb said that you don’t put weapons near art and walked off, saying they needed to speak to Scott D’Amore. Havok said she loved this idea. Dreamer was a little scared of her. Alisha Edwards asked what the rules of the match are. Dreamer asked for someone to please explain them to her.

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker previewed the six man main event next week.

Eric Young with Violent by Design vs. James Storm with Chris Sabin & Chris Harris & Jake Something

They locked up but neither man could get the advantage early. Young backed Storm into the corner but broke free, talking trash along the way. They locked up again and this time, Storm backed Young into the corner but Young shoved him. Storm was backed up by the referee. Young tried to nail him but Storm sent him into the corner. Young did the Flair Flop in the corner and came down on the apron but Storm regained control and nailed an elbow then a legdrop for a two count.

Storm cinched in a side chinlock but Young backed him into the ropes. They battled back and forth with elbows and strikes. Storm gained control and drilled him across the back and chest. Young backdropped him over the top but Storm landed on the apron. Young sent Storm into the ring post. He went to follow Storm to the floor but everyone else made their way to that side of the ring. They went to commercial as Young came off the apron with a double axe-handle on Storm. After commercial, Young nailed a neckbreaker for a two count and sent Storm into the buckles. Young continued to stomp away and choked Storm against the ropes, mocking Storm’s allies as he did so.

Young battered him with right hands. Young ripped at his face and drilled him with forearms to the face. Storm was whipped into the opposite corner but nailed Young with an elbow. He went for a tornado DDT but it was reversed and turned into a Northern Lights style suplex into the buckles. It was sold that Storm was DOA but still kicked out at the last second.

Storm finally made a comeback and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. Young and Storm fought to return to their feet. Storm went for the Eye of the Storm but Young escaped. Storm kicked him and nailed the WhirlyBird for a close two count. Storm charged but was kicked away and nailed with a flying elbow for a close two count. Young was furious he didn’t score the win. Young nailed a superkick for another two count. Young and Storm battered each other. Storm nailed the Lung Blower but Deaner got on the apron. Storm rolled up Young but was sent to the floor when Young kicked up. Everyone battled on the floor.

Young grabbed his hockey mask but Chris Harris grabbed Young’s leg. Young went after him but Harris drilled him and tossed him back in the ring. Storm nailed the Last Call superkick and scored the pin.

Your winner, James Storm!

Storm hugged Harris, who raised his hand.

The camera closed in on Storm, who pointed at the camera and said, “Thank you Bob Ryder, for what you did for Impact and what you did for these punk kids. We couldn’t have done it without you.”