Jake Roberts Addresses His New AEW Deal, Possibly Bringing The Snake Pit To AEW

(Photo Credit: AEW)

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts recently spoke on his podcast, “The Snake Pit,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including being re-signed by AEW:

“Well, folks, just let you know, you’re gonna be looking at me on AEW for another year. That’s right. They re-signed me so that’s great news. Looking forward to doing it and hoping and crossing my fingers that, wouldn’t it be something if we started The Snake Pit back up? I would love to talk to Tony about that.”

The Snake Pit, like Piper’s Pit and The Flower Shop, was a popular talk show that aired on WWF Superstars and Wrestling Challenge during the 1980s.

On possibly doing something similar to the Jericho Cruise:

“Everybody’s been on a Jericho Cruise, but have you been on Jake “The Snake” Roberts cruise? That’s on the way, so folks, get ready. We’re gonna take it out there in the middle of the ocean and do what I do.”

His all-time top minds in wrestling:

“Myself, Eddie Graham, and Bill Watts.”

His top four all-time talkers in wrestling

“Dusty, myself, Piper, and Flair”