Jey Uso Shares His Thoughts On The Wyatt Sicks Faction

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The main event of Monday night’s post-Clash at the Castle episode of WWE RAW saw “Main Event” Jey Uso defeat LWO’s WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and The Judgment Day’s Finn Bálor in a Men’s MITB Ladder Qualifying Match. Immediately following the match, The Wyatt Sick6 made their presence felt by leaving a trail of bodies in the backstage area and showing one of the creepiest displays in company history.

Uso took part in a digital exclusive interview after the show went off the air to talk about a number of topics including the debut of the Wyatt Sick6 and how they can have the fireflies back.

Uso said, “You saw the ending of Raw too.” “I mean, I don’t want no smoke with that.”

“For all I care, they can have the fireflies back, you know what I’m saying,.” “I want no problem with them. But I mean? I’m very happy I did activate the fireflies. Shoutout to my boy, still gonna show love to Bray Wyatt. But his family is here now. That means I gotta go.”

on his victory helping him at Money in the Bank:

“Yeah, Cathy, I mean, it boosts my confidence, I know that went out there and got the W like I said I was for my peoples who’ve believed in me since day one, so I’m very proud about that.”

You can check out Uso’s comments in the video below.