Kenny Omega Provides Update On His Health, Reveals When He Could Return To Action

AEW star Kenny Omega recently took to his first-ever stream on Twitch to talk about a number of topics including an update on his health and when he could be making his return to in-ring action.

Omega said, “I know how I feel physically. I’ve been through the ringer in terms of injuries and getting banged up and all of that. I kind of know now what I feel like, and I can come back (from physical injuries). This is the first time I’ve ever been put out with a sickness. It’s hard to really know what’s going on in the inside when you feel a little bit of pain, but you don’t actually know the inner workings of what’s going on. I would love to say, ‘Hey guys, I’m on track to coming back next week, next month, a half of year.’ I don’t have that confidence this time. When they’re explaining to me that I was 24 hours away from a terrible blood infection and possibly dying, this is like news to me. I’ve never heard of anything like that. ‘I wasn’t close to dying, are you kidding me? No way.’ The doctors are there to ensure my safety and educate me as to how important this is. I don’t want to talk out of my ass too much and say I’m going to for sure be back, and I’ll be back at a certain date or time because I don’t know. I will say, after watching Dynamite, and getting a feel of the lay of the land. If I can come back, I feel like I have to. We may never get an environment like that again. I don’t know if I would call it fun, more of a responsibility. I have a responsibility to mix it up with these guys that call themselves the best. I used to be that guy and have confidence. Now, instead of being that guy with a chip on his shoulder, now, it’s my job to be a gatekeeper. You want to call yourself the best? F***ing prove it, b**ch.”

He also talked about how he is still unsure whether or not he will need surgery.

“Do I need surgery? I still don’t know. It’s been really touch and go. I was feeling great for a week or two. When you feel terrible, a week or two feels like a long time and it feels like you have momentum and you’re going to push to the finish line, which is to come back. For two weeks, I was feeling great. I ran into a bit of a roadblock and I had to get some emergency treatment again. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s two steps forward, two steps back, but maybe it’s one and a half steps back. I’m better than where I was, but I’m not sure how much improvement I made. When I see these guys, whether it be on pay-per-view or Dynamite, Raw, SmackDown, NXT, anybody. It makes me want to get back into that ring shape. I’m doing this weird balancing act of trying to manage the pain or sickness and trying to train. I’m trying to make sure things don’t get too out of hand. If suddenly I’m healed and cleared, I want to hop back in. I don’t want to be like, ‘I haven’t done a thing in four or five months’ or whatever it is. I’ll be disappointed, and you guys will be disappointed. The bar is so high. I don’t want to come back being below that bar. I want to try the best I can.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)