Limitless Wrestling “No Debate” Recap and Review (5/18/2024)

On Saturday, May 18th, Limitless Wrestling held its big event, “No Debate.” The show streamed live on IWTV.

The show was headlined by a huge six-man tag team match which saw JT Dunn team with The Unit (Trigga The OG & Danny Miles) and face off with Dezmond Cole and Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai). We also saw Gabby Forza face Kylie Rae, Bulk Bronson square off with TJ Crawford, and so much more. Check out the full recap and review below.

Kylie Rae vs. Gabby Forza

Winner: Gabby Forza

The opening contest of the night saw Kylie Rae go one-on-one with “Your Homie, The Gnomie,” Gabby Forza. This match marked Rae’s return to Limitless Wrestling after a lengthy absence, and she had a tall task in front of her in the powerful Gabby Forza. Both Forza and Rae got a warm reaction from the fans in attendance in Maine.

The match itself was a fun one. Between Forza’s power and strength, and Rae’s speed and agility, the two styles meshed very well. After a hard-fought match, ultimately, Forza hits a spear and jackhammer on Rae to pin her for the victory. This was a fantastic opening contest. Forza is always a gem to watch, and Rae is always a pleasure to see. Get to know the name of Gabby Forza.

Aaron Rourke vs. HAZARD

Winner: Aaron Rourke

Ricky Smokes comes out to do an interview which he requested time for. Smokes cut a promo saying he wants to talk about the night he finally beat Aaron Rourke. He says it’s time to move on and qualify for the Vacationland Cup. He says he only wants to see the best of the best from here on out. This draws out Rourke, who charges right at Smokes. They have to be pulled apart by security. Rourke cuts a promo and says he earned his spot in Vacationland and Smokes has to do the same. HAZARD makes his way down to the ring and Rourke vs. HAZARD is set.

The match between Rourke and HAZARD starts quickly with a huge running dropkick on HAZARD by the “Dime Piece.” HAZARD quickly turns the match in his favor and controls a good portion of it. However, Rourke sends HAZARD to the outside and nails him with a suicide dive. Ultimately, Rourke hits a moonsault on HAZARD to put him away and win the match. This was a fun match. Rourke looked fantastic, and HAZARD continues to be a formidable heel in Limitless Wrestling.

Ricky Smokes vs. Rip Byson

Winner: Ricky Smokes via DQ

After the match between Rourke and HAZARD, Smokes flips out and gets security to escort Rourke to the back. Rourke says Smokes’ opponent is a “big surprise,” and out comes Rip Byson. Byson gets a great pop from the Limitless faithful, and Smokes isn’t happy. Smokes tries to immediately charge at Byson, but he catches him with a knee and Byson beats up Smokes to the fans’ pleasure.

This match is a very fun one. Smokes, much like Rourke, is such a great talent to watch in the ring. However, Rip Byson is certainly no slouch and can more than hold his own. Smokes pushes the ref into the ropes with Byson on the top rope, and this causes him to get caught up on the top and change the tides of the match in Smokes’ favor. Ultimately, Byson gets disqualified when Smokes pretends he hit him with a chair. This was a fun match with an interesting ending.

Limitless Wrestling World Championship match: Channing Thomas (w/ Mark Sterling) (c) vs. Swoggle

Winner: AND STILL Limitless Wrestling World Champion, Channing Thomas

In the next contest, we see Channing Thomas put his Limitless Wrestling World Champion on the line against Swoggle. Mark Sterling cuts a promo before the match sticking up for Sidney Bakabella. Sterling says he will be representing Thomas tonight and brings him out. He says they needed a top challenger, a TV star, and a huge opponent, and brings out Swoggle. Swoggle gets under the skin of Thomas in the early going, after having some fun at his expense.

When the action finally starts, Swoggle lands a “Sweet Shin Music” on Thomas. But Thomas takes out Swoggle with a huge right. When the ref gets knocked out, Thomas puts on brass knuckles and accidentally hits Sterling on the mid-section when Swoggle moves out of the way. Ultimately, Thomas lands the world title off the head of Swoggle to pin him and retain his title. This was good. Thomas continues to look great, and it’s always fun seeing Swoggle. After, BRG makes the return and save for a double beatdown on Swoggle. BRG challenges Channing Thomas for the Limitless Wrestling and Let’s Wrestle Championship in a title for title match for the event in July.

Bulk Bronson vs. TJ Crawford

Winner: TJ Crawford

In the next match of the evening, we get to see Bulk Bronson go one-on-one with TJ Crawford. This is a rivalry renewed from Create A Pro last year. Whenever Crawford and Bronson meet in the middle of the ring, you know it’s about to be good. Tonight’s match continued to show just how true that was. The two have a bit of a pose-off before the action starts. The fans cheer them both and it’s hard to tell who they like more.

The match itself continues to deliver, as it did every other time these two shared the ring together. After an incredibly hard-fought match, Crawford lands his finishing move to Bronson to pin him and gain the victory. This was the match of the night by far, and it’s not particularly close either.

Vacationland Cup Qualifying match: Ace Romero vs. Aiden Aggro (w/ J-Heru)

Winner: Aiden Aggro (w/ J-Heru)

In the first match back from intermission, we see a Vacationland Cup qualifying match which pits Ace Romero one-on-one against Aiden Aggro. Aggro continues to look to make a name for himself as a singles star after ending one of the top tag teams on the independent wrestling scene, MSP. However, he has a tall task tonight in front of him in the big man, Ace Romero.

Romero has the fans firmly in his corner. The match itself sees Aggro do a great job at grounding his much bigger opponent. Ultimately, thanks to some help from J-Heru, Aggro cracks Romero over the head with a steel chair and pins him to qualify for the Vacationland Cup. This was a fun match too. Aggro’s heel singles run has been a lot of fun to watch.

Dezmond Cole & Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai) vs. JT Dunn & The Unit (Trigga The OG & Danny Miles)

Winners: Dezmond Cole & Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai)

In the main event of the night, we see Dezmond Cole team up with Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai) to take on JT Dunn and The Unit (Trigga The OG & Danny Miles). This match is a part of a big rivalry that has taken a personal turn between Dezmond Cole and JT Dunn. While they once had mutual respect for one another, it seems like that has been thrown away.

Dezmond Cole and Above The Rest are the clear fan favorites in this match. This was a fantastic main event. The ending of the match saw Dezmond Cole hit a swanton bomb on Trigga The OG, pinning him to get the three-count. Despite the match ending, it seems like we are not done with JT Dunn vs. Dezmond Cole. Cole says that in July he will see Dunn in a one-on-one match with the winner going to the Vacationland Cup.

Overall, this was a solid Limitless Wrestling show. Personally, the two top matches of the night were the six-man tag and Bronson vs. Crawford. It was also a lot of fun to see Gabby Forza and Aiden Aggro continue their hot streaks. Also, Aaron Rourke and Ricky Smokes together in a ring again is going to be magic. Limitless has an incredibly stacked roster, and an even more incredible World Champion in Channing Thomas.