Maria Kanellis Meeting With Surgeon After Discovering Mass On Adrenal Gland

Maria Kanellis is currently on the AEW/ROH roster, but she hasn’t appeared on television in quite some time.

Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Maria made their AEW debut in October 2022, after leaving TNA Wrestling. The debut aired on the October 14 episode of AEW Rampage.

The tag team has since become a fixture on television. In real life, Maria described having her adrenal glands checked and blood work done to check hormone levels, which led to a CT scan to check a mass discovered accidentally during another test. She mentioned that she has a mass on her adrenal gland, but it’s unclear whether it’s cancer.

She tweeted, “So fun story… 6 months ago I asked to get my adrenal glands checked and blood work done to check hormone levels because of symptoms I had been having. Insurance would not approve the tests. Fast forward today, I had a CT with contrast to check a mass that was found accidentally during another test, that is either on my kidney or adrenal gland. Moral of the story… listen to your body.”

Maria followed up with, “So here is the update. Yes it is a mass on my adrenal gland. Next step is meeting with an endocrinologist surgeon. It’s inconclusive at this point, if it is cancer. In other news, I ate French fries and a concrete mixer and I feel a little better.”

We wish her the best of luck during this time.