Matt Cardona Says He Would Love A Rematch Against Adam Copeland In AEW

Pro wrestling veteran Matt Cardona recently appeared on an episode of the Battleground podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including what he would do differently if he faced TNT Champion “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland once again in AEW.

Cardona said, “Well, I’d try to f***ing win [laughs]. I did try to win, but I did not win. But man, that night, it was such a spur-of the-moment deal, and that entrance, having that entrance kind of made these four years worth it in the sense that I never wanted to prove anybody wrong. If I do, great. But that wasn’t the mission. It was about proving myself right and my fans right.”

On the reaction to the match on AEW Collision: “When I heard the ‘Holy s**t’ chants during my entrance, I said, I think I proved myself right. I think I proved my fans right. I got goosebumps right now just talking about it because it was a dream match that I thought I would never get. First, we’re the Edgeheads. We have the big match at WrestleMania, Edge versus Undertaker, Hawkins and Ryder do a run-in. That’s WrestleMania 24. I was just so naive because everything was just clicking for us. I’m like, oh, next year, we’ll probably do a Triple Threat, Edge versus Hawkins versus Ryder. No, the next year, Hawkins and Ryder are lumberjacks in the pre-show tag team match [laughs]. So I thought, oh, man.”

“Then Edge has to retire, like I’m never gonna have the match. Then he comes back to WWE, I get fired from WWE. Like all right, are we ever gonna have this match? Then he’s in AEW. I was like, it could possibly happen here because AEW, that Forbidden Door, they let anybody in if the opportunity’s right. The Cope Open was there. I accepted, and it was literally a dream come true.”

On a possible rematch:

“Once I got a taste of it, man, I would love a round two. Certainly would love a round two.”

You can check out Cardona’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)