Matt Hardy Shares His Thoughts On Blood In Wrestling, Comments On The Bloodline, More

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW star Matt Hardy recently spoke on his podcast, “the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including Jey Uso pinning Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank:

“I mean, first and foremost, I want to say that I love the fact how big of a story this is because Roman hasn’t been pinned in so long. So obviously, the first person that did it was going to be a big deal and this is like a huge deal for Jey Uso. I’m very curious where they go from here in this program and the whole Bloodline story because it’s been great. I’ve said this before, many, many times, it’s one of the best stories ever in wrestling, so I’m excited to see what’s next between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns.”

On Droz passing away:

“Very sad news to hear. I was very saddened by that. Darren was always very, very cool to be around. He was a very easy going guy. You know, we weren’t super close, but we worked together quite a bit. I worked with him some when he was doing the LOD 2000. I also worked with him when he teamed with Prince Albert, A-Train.”

“He was always full of life. He was always full of laughter. He was one of those guys that whenever he stepped into the room, he wanted to lighten the mood of the room. He wanted to make people laugh. He wanted to put smiles on faces. He was just just a very cool, easy going guy, man, and he was just a good human being.”

“It was terrible. I mean, that’s burnt in my mind the night he was injured. I was in the Nassau Coliseum. I was watching it from the TV locker room and I remember seeing it live when it happened. I was like, Oh my God. It was one of the things where you cringe, but again, it didn’t look terrible. I would not have expected him to be paralyzed from the bump that he took, but unfortunately, he was and it changed the course of his life. But he really did go into it with as much optimism as could be humanly possible for the scenario that he was in. He would show up at WWE events later on and it was always great to see him. He would always be smiling and he would always be trying to put smiles on faces and make people laugh. So rest in peace Droz and Godspeed, my friend.”

His thoughts on blood in wrestling:

“I do think there’s a thing, there’s an issue for saying there’s too much bleeding on a show. I think bleeding and blood is best when it’s used in the correct spaces and not every single week. It doesn’t need to be done too often because that’ll kind of kill it. That hurts the effects as well. When blood happens in certain scenarios, it means so much more.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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