Matt Hardy Sounds Off On AEW Run Coming To An End

On the latest episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, pro wrestling legend Matt Hardy, now working as “BROKEN” Matt Hardy in TNA Wrestling, reflected on his run in All Elite Wrestling.

“I greatly enjoyed being at AEW,” Hardy said. “I think Tony Khan’s a great guy. I think he takes incredible care of all his performers at AEW, and never fault him for that. I just think some of the creative decisions that were made, once he came back and he spent three or four months kind of proving himself and trying to earn everyone’s respect and trust back and whatnot, I just feel like, following that, we could have been capitalized more on. That’s really the only issue that I had any gripes with.”

Hardy continued, “We were well compensated while we were working there. I have zero complaints about that. I loved my time at AEW overall, I loved the roster there, a bunch of great people. I was just frustrated with these things. The fact that people maybe didn’t listen to it, they just read headlines and things were taken out of context, if you want to go back and listen to this episode again or watch it right here on YouTube, where you can actually see us, you will see that I have lots and lots of love for AEW. I want AEW to thrive, I want AEW to be successful. I am just talking about my personal experiences and what I felt could have been done differently to maximize and optimize Matt and Jeff Hardy, and that is it.”

He also spoke about how their momentum was derailed by Jeff Hardy’s arrest in 2022, and how he has always been transparent about that fact and his thoughts on it.

“There’s a reason, when we first started getting pushed, that it stopped and it didn’t happen, and that was because my brother. I’m very open and transparent about that. I acknowledged that immediately, whenever we talked about it in the episode. I acknowledge everything throughout this. I just legitimately talked about my gripes, when we were being told we were being reset, we were being restarted, we were just gonna focus on The Hardys, no more Hardy Party, Isiah [Kassidy] wasn’t gonna be with us anymore, and it just never materialized. It never happened. and those were where my gripes come from.”

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