Max Dupri Removed From Maximum Male Models After Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Mansoor, Mace, and Maximum Male Models are now managed by Maxxine Dupri in place of Max Dupri (LA Knight).

Maxxine made her debut and was introduced as Max’s sister on Friday’s SmackDown episode. In a segment where she appeared alongside Mace and Mansoor, Maxxine said she wanted to “titillate the juicies of your guilty pleasures.”

Max “had rubbed some people the wrong way and wasn’t fitting in,” according to PWTorch. Vince McMahon made the choice to remove him from the group and write him off television a few weeks ago.

When Max revealed his sister will be on SmackDown, he was aware that it would be his last appearance. It’s unknown what WWE has in store for Max moving forward, including whether he’ll remain on the main roster or return to NXT.

NXT’s Sofia Cromwell is Maxxine. She attended the Las Vegas tryouts and then signed with WWE. You can check out’s report on her SmackDown debut by clicking here.

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