Mercedes Mone Comments On Reports Of Her Big Money AEW Deal, Her Goals In The Company

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Mercedes Mone is All Elite and has been making headlines for the past week due to her arrival.

Mone made her AEW debut last Wednesday on Dynamite: Big Business in Boston. This came after it was reported that she had been signed since December.

The former WWE star had talks with WWE in 2022 and late 2023, but they were said to be far apart financially. As previously reported, WWE sources stated that Mone desired a higher salary than WWE was offering, “with reports she was seeking Becky Lynch-level money.”

It was reported that Tony Khan had made her a substantial offer, but it was “considerably lower than the $5 million per year figure going around.” According to one female star, the number makes her the highest-paid woman in professional wrestling.

Mone confirmed to ESPN that she is fully recovered from a broken foot suffered last year. She also addressed the alleged AEW deal.

“I mean, I’m not Mercedes Moné for no reason. Money changes everything. I’m always about that bag. Absolutely.”

On being told to retire due to her 2023 injury:

“I love wrestling so much that I could not let the doctor tell me [I won’t wrestle again], I couldn’t let them say that was going to happen. I didn’t take no for an answer. And I pushed hard every single day. Rehabbing, working out, getting my mind right, meditating. Because again, I wasn’t sure when I was going to come back. I just knew that I was going to come back someday.”

Her goals in AEW:

“I’m all about creating history. I’m all about creating magic, and I’m all about creating so much more. And that’s what AEW brings — so much more, more opportunity, more chances and more chances just to stand out and to be seen and noticed.”