Microman Discusses Representing MLW, The Significance Of His Mask, Father, More

(Photo Credit: Microman Instagram)

On this week’s MLW Underground episode on REELZ, Microman returned to the ring with Lince Dorado and La Estrella to face Delirious, Mini Abismo Negro, and Azteca Uno. This will be his first official appearance for the company. Then, at 11pm ET, teamed with Dorado to face Negro and Delirious in a match taped last fall at MLW Fightland.

Microman recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso and expressed his excitement for the opportunity. Microman’s favorite wrestler is Mascarita Dorado (fka Gran Metalik), who has traveled the world to perform, and he hopes to have a similar impact on the industry.

“I’m excited to be part of MLW and represent all of Mexico,” Microman said via translator. “Whenever you see me, I hope you see that I am representing MLW and Mexico with great pride.”

Microman, 24, began training under lucha legend ltimo Guerrero seven years ago. Microman is billed as “The World’s Greatest Wonder,” standing just over 3 feet tall and weighing 62 pounds. He is the son of KeMonito, a CMLL manager and mascot from Mexico. Despite the strong parallels in their work and the fact that they are blood relatives, SI observed that Microman and his father have struggled to form much of a relationship. Microman has always wanted to wrestle but has never wanted to be a mascot or manager.

“I never wanted to be a mascot like my dad,” Microman said before gently reminding the interviewer that he prefers not to speak about his father. “People look at us like we are the same, but we are very different—in our styles and our companies. I am making my own path.”

The majority of Microman’s life is unknown, but he did enjoy studying computer science in school. That, however, was not what kept him awake at night, nor was it the motivation he needed to get through the training sessions with Guerrero.

“I needed to prove myself to Último Guerrero,” Microman said. “He pushed me, and I never gave up. He saw this future in me, and he believed in me. He didn’t want to be a mascot. I didn’t want to be that, either. I am here to wrestle. I know I am smaller than anyone else, and I have heard hurtful comments about it. But I stay strong. That is why I decided to call myself Microman.”

The “painfully shy” Microman is introduced to a whole new world of purpose and spirit when he puts his luchador mask on.

“I love wearing a mask,” he said. “Even when I was young, I loved the idea of it. That is part of our culture in Mexico. You never know that luchador’s identity. It is a mystery. Even my mother was scared at first of me wrestling. She did not want me to do this. But now she has given me all her support. When she sees me in the mask, she believes, too. I feel like a comic book superhero. That is when I come alive. I get super powers.”

Microman’s new goal is to demonstrate how true strength comes in all sizes. When he steps into the ring, he wants people to believe that at 63 pounds, he is one of the toughest humans.

“I was born to do this,” Microman declared. “I was born to be Microman.”