New WWE RAW Segment? No Problem: How The Rock Can Still Show Up On Monday

So, let us recap a short timeline of some key events in the “Is Rock Coming?” saga.

1.WWE Shop releases some new Rock merch.
2.WWE’s YouTube channel releases some Rock videos; especially ones of his return.
3.We went from having a Bloodline/Roman Reigns Acknowledgement ceremony to the Sami Zayn Trial.

4. According to Dave Schmetlzer, The Rock has “indicated” to the WWE that, despite posting 100 videos of him working out every single of his 1500 muscles every day on IG, he wont be ring ready for Mania.  (First of all, does it even work like that? Who is his source? These just sound like words, much like the below fantasy booking) 

All of this is meant to swerve us, but this is how The Rock will show up, in my opinion.

In the last hour of the show, all the legends we have bumped into over the night will assemble into the ring. Throughout the show, Roman is being acknowledged by these legends personally. In the last 45 minutes of the show, in the third hour, I can imagine having a court type set in the ring. We will have a judge. We will have a jury. We will have a galley on the ramp. These roles will all be filled by various current and past stars. The jury, however, will be made of legends such as Ric Flair, Hogan, HBK, HHH, Taker (since wrestler’s court is his baby), perhaps even RIkishi. Roman will be on one side, with the Bloodline and Heyman, and in will walk Sami, with no representation on his side. It is just him versus the World at one point. For the first 10 minutes, Paul Heyman will present a wonderful case against Sami; a compelling one. It is at the end of Paul Heyman’s promo/opening statement, that we will get witnesses that come up and say they saw Sami acting weird last few weeks, months maybe even. We will get people who work backstage, “hotel” workers, and others who were witnesses to Sami conspiring to sabotage the Bloodline somehow.

Then it will be Sami’s turn. And here is where his acting will kick in. Sami will sit there, quietly. And he will go on to say that he has a confession to make. That for the past few weeks he has been talking to someone behind Roman, Jey, Jimmy, and Paul’s backs. And this one person has become increasingly critical of Roman…especially his cockiness. Sami explains to Roman that he had to do what he had to do, that things were slowly getting out of hand. That someone really needed to slap some humbleness into Roman. Sami will go on to say he had to get Roman angry to get to this point, tonight. Sami says his first witness and only witness is someone Roman knows better than anyone else…..

Kevin Owens’ music hits. He marches to the ring and he gets in Roman’s face. The two get seperated by the legends in the ring.

Kevin grabs a mic and tells Roman to calm down. That he is not here to confront him, but to rather not let Sami be alone.

Because he tells Roman: “you see, Sami is not the only one that has been talking to someone in the past few weeks and months. No, no, no….we both knew this moment was coming. We saw the calendar. 30 YEARS of RAW! We HAD to make sure that someone certain was there. That they knew just how busy he was, so this needed to be planned ahead. The person they spoke to had us get the acknowledgement ceremony cancelled and had us hold it over with this farce…….

silence on the mic, but bunch of chattering in the ring, lots of tension….

…10 seconds later…….IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLL what the Rock….is COOKIN……

The Rock comes out to the biggest pop we have heard in a very long time. The Rock comes out hits all four corners. Poses, and walks around talking to the crowd for a good 10 minutes. He asks for the mic, does the usual, and tells Roman that for the last two years he has seen his cousin dominate the most important wrestling company on this planet. He has seen his cousin become the best ever. But The Rock says that to be cocky is not one of the virtues they teach on the aisle of Samoa. That someone needed to take Roman and slap some sense into him; that how DARE he call himself the head of the table. The Rock has had enough and that Roman, Jimmy, and Jey will all be taught a lesson in humbleness – because they will face Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and The Rock at WRESTLEMANIA!

Of course, this is just my fantasy booking. But the truth is, I don’t see any way how WWE DOES NOT use The Rock this Wrestlemania season. Everything (story, relationships, location) align to create the most ideal appearance for The Rock in his final match ever versus his own family, Roman Reigns. 

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