NWA’s Kamille Set To Become A Free Agent Soon

The year 2024 just got a little more interesting, as one of the NWA’s biggest stars will become a free agent.

Since October 2018, Kamille has been a regular in the NWA, where she first appeared as Nick Aldis’ “insurance policy” before making a name for herself. She shifted gears and became a singles star, and she was promoted as the face of the women’s division.

She became the Women’s Champion, a title she held for over 800 days.

According to PWInsider, Kamille’s contract with the promotion expires at the end of 2023, as it is up in January 2024. While the two parties are on good terms and may reach an agreement in which she appears for them without signing an exclusive deal, she will almost certainly receive numerous offers from other promotions.

According to the report, Kamille’s husband, Thom Latimer, has signed on to the promotion and will continue to work for it. “Kamille’s exit as a contracted talent has no bearing on his NWA status,” the report said.