Reality Series Starring NWA Owner Billy Corgan To Premiere Next Month

According to, NWA owner Billy Corgan will be starring in a brand-new reality series called “Billy Corgan’s Adventures in Carnyland” beginning Tuesday, May 14th, but the series will only be available on the CW app and the official CW website.

The show will reportedly show an intimate glimpse into Corgan’s multifaceted life, spanning his involvement in professional wrestling, his musical endeavors and capturing pivotal moments like his wedding to Chloe Mendel in September 2023.

You can check out the details of the show below:

Directed by Volk-Weis and Ian Roumain, the series pulls back the curtain on how the legendary frontman of alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins takes on the world. When he isn’t churning out albums and touring the world with his band, Corgan works as a wrestling promoter through his storied National Wrestling Alliance, which he intends to restore to its former glory. As if being a rock star navigating the demanding politics of running both a band (Pumpkinworld) and a group of eccentric wrestlers (Carnyland) isn’t tricky enough, he’s also a father of two — and he’s planning a wedding to his longtime partner, Chloe Mendel. Can he possibly keep all these balls in the air? Tune in to find out.