ROH TV Results – March 14, 2024

ROH TV Results – March 14, 2024

Quarter Final Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Diamante vs. Billie Starkz

Diamante tried for a quick roll up and got a two count before both women traded a couple of near fall roll ups and then tried to throw Billie Starkz with a belly 2 belly.

Diamante hits a dropkick for a two count and Starkz rolls out of the ring.

Diamante followed and threw Starkz into the ring steps and barricades.

Starkz hits a reversal on a throw and hit a hurricanrana off the ring steps and hits her head.

Back in the ring Diamante hit a rope hung neckbreaker and got a two count.

Diamante worked a neck crank until Starkz fought out but before Diamante hits an around the world Russian leg sweep then a splash and got a two count.

Diamante hits a European uppercut and got another two count before Starkz fought out of the corner with a Rewind Kick and tossed Diamante outside and hits a trio of running dives onto Diamante on the outside.

Starkz hit a backbreaker out of a vertical suplex and got a two count.

Starkz went up top bit Diamante cut her off and pulls her down.

Starkz hits a kick and went back up top but Diamante got up and Starkz jumped off.

Diamante went for a wheelbarrow but Starkz hit a facebuster then Starkz went for a suplex but Diamante got a roll up for a two count.

Diamante hits a Chaos Theory for a a two count then Diamante worked over Starkz with some chops but Starkz came back with a lariat for a double down.

Both women traded blows in the middle of the ring then they even traded running forearms but then Diamante hits a wheelbarrow stunner and Shurnoi for a two count.

Starkz came back with a spin kick and a Swanton Bomb for only a two count.

Starkz locks in a half nelson crossface for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Billie Starkz (11:38)
Rate: 7

Aaron Solo vs. Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson hits a couple of side head lock takeovers early then there was a clean break and a handshake and then Aaron Solo went outside and shook the hands of the fans and then the ref.

Solo didn’t clean break the 2nd time but Johnson turned it around and hits a dropkick.

Johnson ran into a back elbow and then Solo threw Johnson throat first into the ring ropes.

The ref got between them to check on Johnson but eventually Solo hits Johnson with some punches then Solo hit a vertical suplex and got a two count.

Johnson got a roll up and a quick two count but Solo came right back with a t bone suplex for a two count.

Solo tried to throw Johnson back into the ropes but Johnson reversed it and Solo went into the ropes throat first. Johnson fired up and hit a pair of lariats then one in the corner.

Johnson hits a vertical suplex and kips up as Johnson flip dove onto Solo on the outside and threw him back in the ring.

Johnson went up top for a flying nothing but then he immediately hits Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Johnson fired up and tried to hit a reverse DDT but Solo fought out.

Solo pushed Johnson towards the ref but not bump then Solo hits Trouble In Paradise for a two count. Solo went to the top rope and hits a double stomp and got another two count.

Solo tried for a butterfly move but then they traded a pair of roll up near falls.

Johnson hits a middle rope snake eyes then hits a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

Fatal 4 Way Match
Kiera Hogan vs. Lady Frost vs. Leyla Hirsch vs. Robyn Renegade

Keira Hogan, Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch attacks Robyn Renegade early and she fled to ringside. Hogan got a one count roll up on Hirsch then Frost rolls up Hogan for a near fall.

Hirsch hits 2 arm drags on the others before Frost hits a step up kick in the corner on Hirsch. Renegade tried to get back in but got dumped to ringside.

Hogan hits a leg drop on Frost then a cover but Renegade broke it up and came in and worked over Hogan, Frost & Hirsch in the ring.

Renegade got an eye rake on Frost then a lungblower for a broken up near fall.

Hirsch works over Renegade in the corner then Hirsch locks in a body lock and sleeper but Renegade broke it with an eye rake. Hogan hits a superkick on Renegade then a cover but it got broken up.

All 4 women traded forearm in the middle until they all traded big kicks then Hirsch hits a German on Frost. Hogan hit a superkick on Hirsch for a two count.

Hirsh hits a Saito suplex on Hogan before Frost hits a cannonball on Hirsch & Hogan in the corner.

Renegade hit an ugly looking move on Frost but then got dumped into the ropes by Hogan as she hits a hip attack before she hits Face The Music to get the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Backstage Griff Garrison & Cole Karter were hyping themselves up for their match later. Maria came in and told them that they own their own careers. Maria rips into Garrison for losing to Adam Copeland on Collision. Maria told them that Best Friends are jealous of their potential. Maria said she wants to be proud and that they aren’t going to disappoint her, right?

Proving Ground Match
Women’s Champion Athena vs. Aisha

Athena nails Aisha with a forearm and mounted her with punches then jaws at the ref.

Athena hits a gourd buster suplex and posed before Aisha locks in a backslide and used it as a hip attack. Aisha hit a hip attack in the corner and went to the top rope.

Athena pushed her off onto the apron then hits a baseball dropkick to send Aisha to the floor. Athena slams Aisha into the barricades.

Back in the ring Athena hits a snapmare and kick to the back before Aisha hits a 1 armed spinebuster but it only got a one count. Athena hits a codebreaker from the middle rope.

Athena stomped Aisha’s head into the mat on the apron while Aisha was rope hung.

Athena hits a running big boot before Athena locks in a leg grapevined abdominal stretch for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Women’s Champion Athena (4:29)

After the match Athena hit a running knee while Aisha was sitting next to the ring steps then did it again. Athena got a mic and asked Atlanta if that was all they had to offer. The fans chanted ATL and Athena said that Atlanta wasn’t good enough to wipe her ass. Athena ran down her catch phrases including The main event of ROH. Athena said she was bored by the lack of competition. She said her own locker room was too scared to step up so they made up a 2nd place championship. Athena said that after she beat Nyla Rose, she tucked tail and ran. Athena said she was going to open every door around the world to find that competition. Hikaru Shida made her way out with a kendo stick. Shida got in the ring and challenged Athena by pointing her kendo stick at the Women’s Title.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Iron Savages (Jacked Jameson, Boulder & Bronson) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) & Action Andretti

Iron Savages tried to attack Top Flight & Action Andretti but Top Flight dumps them to ringside and dove on them.

Back in the ring Dante Martin hits a superkick on Bronson and he & Andretti hits superkicks on Jacked Jameson. Boulder came in and Andretti tried to crossbody him but just bounced off.

Andretti dodged Titty City and dumps Boulder to ringside before Bronson hits a Michinoku Driver with Andretti onto Dante. Jameson came in and hit a running splash on Darius.

Boulder came in and stomped around and shook the whole damn ring then suplexed Darius.

Boulder missed a middle rope moonsault after humping at the corner.

Darius fought out with a wall walk moonsault splash then Darius came in and hits a high knee lift on Jameson.

Darius dove onto Bronson at ringside then hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall.

Top Flight hits a double team move and was able to hit a tornado DDT on Boulder.

Top Flight hits a tandem dropkick German suplex on Bronson before Andretti hits a running shooting star then Dante came off the top with a splash off the top for the win.

Winners: Top Flight & Action Andretti

Backstage Lexy Nair asked Lee Johnson the secret to his recent success. He said he’s not here to take part but to take over. Johnson said he’s not planning to slow down Welcome To The Shotty Show.

Tag Team Match
The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts

JD Drake jumped Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts before the bell then it ran.

The Workhorsemen works over Comoroto in the corner then Drake hits outside in shoulder dive. Drake hits a scoop slam and a falling headbutt.

Drake hits some chops on Comoroto in the corner but that just seemed to fire up Comoroto and he came back with a scoop but Henry go the blind tag and kicks out the leg of Comoroto while he was holding Drake.

Comoroto blocks Anthony Henry’s kicks and fought off The Workhorsemen for a bit.

Henry hits a back suplex on Watts on the apron outside as Drake hits a running belly 2 belly on Comoroto in the ring. The Workhorsemen hits some running moves in the corner.

Drake hits a spinebuster and Henry hits a double stomp off the top for the win.

Winners: The Workhorsemen 

After the match Watts pulls Comoroto to his feet and shook his hand. Comoroto follows Watts to the back

Lance Archer vs. Darian Bengtson

Darian Bengtson tried to use the Code Of Honor to his advantage and got one uppercut in.

Bengtson tried to go off the top rope but got powerbombed onto the top turnbuckle.

Lance Archer hits a lariat and then a vertical suplex that launched Bengtson out of the ring.

Jake Roberts laid in a punch on the outside while Archer distracted the ref.

Archer hits a running shoulder tackle in the corner but missed a 2nd.

Bengtson got in a few punches and hit an enzuigiri but then ran right into a lariat.

Archer hits a chokeslam then hits Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

A recap aired on the Custody Of The Boys Match from 2 weeks ago.

Backstage Lexy Nair asked Taya Valkyrie what being a Boy mom in Slam Town is like. Dalton Castle shows up and asked where The Boys were. Valkyrie spouted various facts about The Boys as Castle looks all around for them. Valkyrie asked for security & they arrived and pulls Castle away. Valkyrie said The Boys were with Daddy learning how to be TV ready

Quarter Final Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Mercedes Martinez vs. Abadon

Abadon hits a headbutt out of the Code Of Honor then some double knees in the corner.

Abadon hits a somersault dive off the apron onto Mercedes Martinez on the floor before Martinez hits a superkick to take back over.

Back in the ring Martinez hits a pair of butterfly suplexes then locked in a choke with the butterfly before hitting a 3rd suplex.

Abadon hit a flying headscissors but ran right into a clothesline from Martinez for a two count. Martinez locks in a head & arm stretch until Abadon fought out.

Abadon hits a running boot but Martinez hit a big forearm to put Abadon down.

Abadon hits a codebreaker for a two count before Martinez hits a Saito suplex then a running kick in the corner for a two count.

Martinez locks in a half crab but Abadon was able to get to the ropes.

Abadon hits a hurricanrana then a cutter too but Martinez had already rolled to the ropes.

On the apron Abadon tried a DDT but Martinez blocked then hit a running knee strike to the face. Martinez hits an Anarchist Suplex onto the floor.

Back in the ring Martinez got a two count before Abadon screamed in Martinez’ face and bit her arm. Abandon hit a float over DDT and got a two count.

Someone pops up on the apron and hits Abadon in the back and Martinez hits fisherman’s buster for the victory.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez (9:46) (She will face Starkz in the Semi Finals)
Rate: 6

After the match Diamante took the towel off her head and celebrated with Martinez while they walked up the ramp

Fatal 4 Way Match
Jack Cartwheel vs. Komander vs. AR Fox vs. Slim J

Slim J slides out of the ring instead of the Code Of Honor and AR Fox dove on him.

Jack Cartwheel hit a cartwheel kick to knock Fox off before Cartwheel hits a flagpole trip and pommel elbow drop for a near fall on Komander.

Fox hits a spinning suplex on Cartwheel before Slim J hits a low blow right in front of the ref and dumped Fox to ringside.

Cartwheel tried a cartwheel reversal but Slim J punched him in the junk then hits a cutter and got a two count.

Slim J hits a springboard DDT for a two count on Cartwheel before Slim J went to the top rope but Fox cut him off and hit a cutter of his own for a two count.

Fox hit a rope hung DDT and a twisting suplex on Cartwheel for a near fall.

Komander got a roll up on Fox for a two count then Komander belly 2 belly threw Fox into Slim J in the corner. Komander hit a fireman’s carry backbreaker on Fox for a near fall.

Cartwheel puts Komander on the top turnbuckle and they fought a bit until Cartwheel got knocked off.

Slim J broke it all up then got flagpole swept and Komander came off the top rope with a codebreaker on Cartwheel.

Slim J dove onto Komander at ringside then Slim J hits a flying reverse DDT on Fox in the ring for a two count.

Slim J tried to dive at ringside but got his feet caught and crashed and burned.

Komander & Cartwheel cartwheeled up and down the ramp then Komander hits a Mexican Destroyer at ringside.

Komander went up top but Slim J cut him off and he & Fox both went up top after Komander.

Fox got dumped to ringside and Slim J got hung up on the rope by his crotch.

Komander hits a rope walking shooting star press on Slim J for the win.

Winner: Komander

In a hotel room ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston said that 1 year ago Mark Briscoe couldn’t get his shot against Claudio Castagnoli because he got injured. Kingston told Briscoe to bring his whole family so that they can show everyone the art of pro wrestling. Kingston said he respects Briscoe and that he deserves this opportunity.

Tag Team Match
Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta) vs. Griff Garrison & Cole Karter

Orange Cassidy teased an early hands in pockets but Cole Karter cuts him off and they traded arm drags until Cassidy put his hand up to block and then went hands in pockets for a moment.

Trent Beretta in and they hit a couple of tandem moves and Beretta got a one count after Cassidy tried to make the cover first. Griff Garrison came in and ate a kick and some chops.

Best Friends hits a double suplex and Cassidy got a two count off it before Garrison came back with some punches but it didn’t last long as he got the 10 turnbuckle smash treatment.

Maria got on the apron quickly so that Garrison could hit a big boot before Garrison hits a corner splash for a two count.

Karter came in and threw some mounted punches on Cassidy then hits a suplex for a two count. Cassidy fought out of the corner and kicks Garrison & Karter off.

Beretta got the hot tag and hit some clotheslines then a leaping double knees and some German suplexes. Beretta dove onto Garrison on the outside.

Chuck Taylor & Beretta were going to hug but Maria got in the way so that Karter could get the distraction.

Back in the ring Garrison & Karter hits a tandem move with a big boot for a two count.

Garrison came in and hit some mounted forearms before Garrison & Karter hits some tandem moves and Garrison hit a flapjack suplex for a near fall.

Garrison hit a scoop slam and Karter missed a 450 splash so Beretta hit a Saito suplex and got the hot tag to Cassidy.

Cassidy hits kicks on Garrison & Karter then a double dropkick. Cassidy hits a top rope crossbody on Garrison and then a swinging DDT on Karter for a two count.

Maria grabs Cassidy’s foot then all the men hit big moves on each other in succession until Karter hits a dropkick. Cassidy hits Stun Dog and Beretta hit a half nelson suplex.

Cassidy dove onto Garrison outside before Maria got on the apron and asked for a hug and Taylor got on the apron and got the hug instead.

Beretta hits a piledriver and Cassidy hits Orange Punch to get the win.

Winners: Best Friends

After the match Spanish Announce Project attacks Garrison & Karter. Maria gave Serpentico the old mask then low blows him. Garrison & Karter took over the beat down. Best Friends came down the ramp for the save while Maria, Garrison & Karter fled. There was a big group hug with Spanish Announce Project before Best Friends did the Angelico dance.

Semi Finals 

Billie Starkz vs. Mercedes Martinez

Red Velvet vs. Queen Aminata

Supercard Of Honor Card So Far (April 5th)

Women’s Title Match
Athena (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Mark Briscoe