Scott D’Amore Attempted To Purchase TNA Wrestling

(Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling)

The fallout from TNA Wrestling’s announcement that Scott D’Amore is no longer President of TNA and has been replaced by Anthony Cicione, leaving talent dissatisfied with management, has taken an interesting turn.

While some privately expressed dissatisfaction with his firing, others took to social media to express their feelings, as the former executive was well-liked in the promotion. As previously reported, D’Amore had a disagreement with management prior to his release.

According to PWInsider, Anthem is fully prepared to continue with the promotion and is willing to spend money on the right talent, just as they were prepared to make large offers to Will Ospreay.

In terms of D’Amore’s release, the decision to do so is unclear, and “belief seems to settle on the idea that Len Asper, the head of Anthem, and D’Amore came to a cross-road where they disagreed on how TNA should be operated and only one person was going to win that butting of the heads – Asper. “

According to reports, he approached Anthem in recent weeks with an offer to buy TNA outright with the backing of a major banking institution.

On the other hand, it was rejected by “some on the Anthem side that it was seen as a legitimate offer that was worthy of consideration, but the decision was made not to accept.” D’Amore appeared to realize the clock on his job was ticking if he was willing to buy the asset and walk away with it. He knew the change was coming at least a week or ten days ago.

The belief is that D’Amore’s creative team and support staff will remain in place while Gail Kim and Tommy Dreamer conduct the initial Zoom meeting to inform the talent of D’Amore’s departure. This week, the company was developing a game plan for April and beyond in preparation for their next set of events.