Scott Steiner On Origin Of ‘Steiner Math’ Promo And Seeing MJF Riff On It

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner recently appeared on Monopoly Events’ For Love Of Wrestling, where he talked about a number of topics including the origin of his “Steiner Math” promo in TNA and AEW star MJF taking a shot at the promo and making it his own.

Steiner said, “The story behind that is as much as I wanted to entertain the fans, I always wanted to entertain myself.” “I always wanted to make myself laugh, and as a matter of fact, when MJF repeated that interview for AEW…it made me laugh.”

“So it was just something I came up with, the numbers made sense, I didn’t realize that it would be around to this day, but people loved it, it’s a great thing…the numbers don’t lie.”

You can check out Steiner’s comments in the video below.