Several People In TNA Reportedly Concerned Over Recent Departures

TNA Wrestling has experienced a significant shift in its backstage dynamics with the departure of several key figures, including RD Evans, Lou D’Angeli, and Dave Sahadi. This development, as reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has sparked concern among the talents, who feel they have been left in the dark. The company’s undisclosed deal with WWE has also raised eyebrows, adding to the unease among the backstage crew.

Jimmy Jacobs, Scott D’Amore, Tommy Dreamer, and RD Evans were the previous heads of creative in TNA Wrestling, and now all that remains is Dreamer. As D’Amore was fired, Jacobs went to AEW, and Evans left the company.

Dreamer is currently working with Hunter “Delirious” Johnson and Jorge Barbosa, but he is known for documentaries and doesn’t have much experience with wrestling. Other people who were recently let go include Lou D’Angeli’s assistant, Lily Arenallo, which means that their booking department only has Greg Bagarozy left.

Anthem Sports previously considered doing permanent television tapings live every Thursday at Full Sail University, but a source reveals that Full Sail no longer has interest in TNA doing tapings with D’Angeli gone. Another source stated that there may be some hope, but D’Angeli was the one taking the point on the talks.

The report also mentioned that some of the work done by those released will be outsourced.