Skye Blue Discusses Possibly Being Part Of A Women’s Blood & Guts Match On A Future AEW Event

AEW star Skye Blue recently spoke with WGN Radio 720 on a number of topics including the potential of her being part of a Women’s Blood & Guts Match on a future AEW event.

Blue said, “I love Blood & Guts so much, that is my favorite Dynamite to watch. This past one, I was at work, but I didn’t have to wrestle, so I went in and there’s like a little part behind where the cameras are that you can just sit and watch, and I sat with a bunch of our friends, there were a couple of drivers and the production people who just sat and watched.”

“I was like, I want to be in that cage so badly, everybody would just be like, no Skye, stop it, no, sit down and I was like no guys, come on, this could be really cool to be the first woman to have a Blood & Guts Match, I would cry.”

You can check out Blue’s comments in the video below.