Steve Maclin Wishes His First IMPACT World Title Reign Was A Lot Longer

TNA/IMPACT Wrestling star Steve Maclin recently spoke with Fightful on a number of topics including how his last three years with the company has been a lot of fun.

Maclin said, “As soon as I got to IMPACT, I got to build myself and I’m always for longevity. This is not a sprint in this business, it’s a marathon. So to be able to build that equity and show the world the kind of person that I can be in the ring and outside of the ring, with being able to do interviews, being able to do media, to show myself as a top guy somewhere which I’ve always seen in myself and just wanted that opportunity. Now IMPACT, I’ve shown them that and after my almost three years that I’ve been there now, it’s been a lot of fun.”

He also talked about how he wishes his first reign as the IMPACT World Champion was a lot longer.

“Do I wish my World title reign was a lot longer? Yes. Do I regret being hurt in a match in Australia in my rematch? Yes. Things happen. But it also put me into a place now where I’ve kinda slowed down on training, how I actually act out of the ring. I’m getting older, getting wiser. My wife smartened me up a little bit. She tells me to slow down a little bit ‘cause I like to just go. That’s just me. If I’m working, I’m going. It’s fun being here at WrestleCade, just because it’s my first time here ever at a WrestleCade. I’m not a big fan of signings, so getting to do these is fine.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)