Sunny Police Video Released, Facing Between 4 To 30+ Years If Convicted

As previously reported, there will be a hearing this Friday at 10am ET in Volusia County, Florida in regards to a State motion to have WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch remanded back to jail after she posted bond and was released following her arrest over the weekend.

We noted on Friday night how Sytch was arrested for the fatal car accident that she allegedly caused in March as police finally received the results of tests that determined if charges should be filed. If convicted she is facing between 4 and more than 30 years in prison as she was charged with 1 count of DUI Causing Death to Human, 1 count of Driving with Licensing Suspended/Revoked to Cause Death/Serious Injury, 7 counts of DUI with Damage to Person/Property. You can click here for the original report from Friday, with details on her charges and her mugshot photo.

In an update, Sytch bonded out of jail over the weekend after a bondsman put up the 10% of her $227,500 surety bond. County records show that Sytch’s boyfriend, James Pente, put up his property as collateral for the bond. Pente lives in Florida and is listed with Sytch in the civil lawsuit filed by the estate of Julian Lasseter, who passed away in the March traffic accident.

FL State Attorney RJ Larizza filed a motion this past Monday, requesting Sytch be ordered to pre-trial detention, which would incarcerate her until and during her potential trial for the charges she received this past Friday night, which were related to the March accident. In the motion, the State argued that Sytch violated her probation stemming from three DUI arrests in Pennsylvania, leading to that probation being revoked and Sytch being re-sentenced to Carbon County prison in Pennsylvania. The motion also states how Sytch has a suspended driver’s license in Pennsylvania, and has never held a valid license in Florida.

The motion also says, “The State submits that there is a substantial probability that the Defendant committed DUI Manslaughter when she killed the victim on Match 25, 2022. The State also submits that Defendant poses a threat of harm to the community based on criminal history surrounding driving offenses as detailed above.”

Sytch is to be officially arraigned on Tuesday, May 31 at 2:30pm in Volusia County court.

A toxicology report shows that Sytch’s blood-alcohol level was 0.280 (g/100mL,) which is three-and-a-half times the legal limit when operating a vehicle.

In more news on Sytch’s latest legal issues, she has responded to a call from former WWE trainer Bill DeMott to have Sunny removed from the WWE Hall. You can click here for our report on that.

Below is police body camera footage of Sytch being arrested outside of the Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona last week.