Tay Melo Reveals She Is Training For Her In-Return To AEW

AEW star Tay Melo, who has been out of in-ring action since March of 2023 and who announced that she and fellow AEW star Sammy Guevara were expecting their first child together in May of that same year, recently took to her official Twitter (X) account and revealed that she has started to train for her in-ring return to the company.

Melo wrote, “So happy to be able to be in the ring again. With a lot of patience I’ll get ready to be back, it’s a whole new body & I still feel so week inside.. I got frustrated a couple times, had to hold my tears and keep going. My body was my baby’s home for 40 weeks and now I’ll get stronger not just for me but for her too.”

“It’s a long way to go but I’m closer than yesterday❤️”

You can check out Melo’s post below.