The Rock Suffers Injury During Filming For “The Smashing Machine”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

After injuring his elbow on the set of “The Smashing Machine,” a film about the life of MMA legend Mark Kerr, The Rock will need to have an MRI.

As seen in the video below, Rock stated that he was “banged up pretty good today in our scenes” and may have suffered soft tissue damage. He stated that the “pain feels pretty good” and that the bottom of his elbow feels like a cantaloupe.

Rock discussed some of his previous injuries and stated that while he has tried anti-inflammatories, his Teremana tequila has proven to be the most effective. He ended the video by saying he was going to the gym, indicating that the pain isn’t too bad right now.

Rock returned to the ring at WrestleMania, and it is expected that he will compete again at WrestleMania 41 in Vegas next year, most likely against Cody Rhodes.